Immediately 11 Russian tour operators ceased further activities

Immediately 11 Russian tour operators ceased further activities

Another 11 tour operators were excluded from the register by the latest order of the Federal Tourism Agency. This time there is only one reason – and this is still the same problem of financial guarantees. Finding an insurer for travel agencies is becoming more and more difficult, as well as more and more expensive. As a result, out of over 4 thousand companies registered in the register, outbound tour operators now account for only 367 companies.

The new “victims” struck out of the register “due to failure to provide information about the availability of financial security for a new period” are as follows:

Name of the legal entity-tour operator

  1. Limited Company “Elden”
  2. Limited Liability Company “Relikt Group”
  3. Limited Liability Company “Royal Dog Hunt”
  4. Limited Liability Company “Paneurasia”< /li>
  5. Limited Liability Company “Club of Travelers”
  6. Limited Liability Company “Travel Company “Open World”
  7. Limited Liability Company “PUTNIK Travel and Trade Comp.”
  8. < li>Limited Liability Company “Family Recreation Club “Diana”

  9. Limited Liability Company “Visit Chechnya”
  10. Limited Liability Company “KrymMedInform”
  11. Company with limited liability “Warm Baikal”

It should be noted that experts, long before the start of the crisis situation, assumed that in the current circumstances, small and medium-sized companies “survive” one after another from the outbound tourist market, which cannot afford the financial burden imposed by law. As a result, the market slides into an oligopoly. What is happening at the moment is almost obvious.

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