In a hotel in Cyprus, tourists were attacked with fists, mistaking them for Russians

In a hotel in Cyprus, tourists were attacked with fists, mistaking them for Russians

A group of Latvian tourists vacationing in Cyprus “tried on” themselves Russophobia: travelers posted a shocking video on social networks of how other hotel guests pounce on them with their fists, mistaking them for Russians. The video was published by the Cypriot edition of Kathimerini.

In a short video clip, filmed a few days ago in the cafeteria of a local hotel in Cyprus, one woman “clung” to a group of tourists from Latvia, and another shouted pro-Ukrainian slogans.

< p>“We are resting in Cyprus, there are 8 of us, we just sat and ate peacefully, they “flew up” to us and started shouting that we are Russians and have no right to sit here …. Guys, this is scary !!!!” travelers from an “unfriendly country” signed their post.

In the video, a woman can be heard chastising visitors at the table for “going on vacation” while a special operation is being carried out in Ukraine.

< p>The conversation was as follows:

“My country helps the Ukrainian people, and you have a holiday?”asked the woman, who turned out to be Ukrainian, in broken English.

“Don't you hear? We are not from Russia,” the man replied.

“It’s not fair,” she continued.

“I was born not in Russia. Are you deaf? We are from Latvia, we are not from Russia,” replied the man again and added that he was a citizen of Latvia.

“Glory to Ukraine”, shouted the second woman on the video.

“Each of us is a Latvian!” exclaimed the woman at the table.

“Maybe, maybe,” the first woman replied.

After the events of February 24, cases of Russophobia and anti-Russian sentiment are on the rise, primarily in Western countries, but have also reached popular beach resorts. Kyiv called on the world to supply Ukraine with weapons and support sanctions against Moscow, while Russia is conducting a special military operation on the territory of a neighbor.

The Russian Embassy in Cyprus called on its citizens on the island to report to law enforcement agencies if they “are subjected to insults, violence, discrimination and other forms of persecution, including threats.”

Earlier, Turprom wrote that the Israelis were dissatisfied with the influx of Russians after the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine. For details, read the article “Come in large numbers here: Russians in the UAE were shocked by the attitude of Israeli tourists towards them.”

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