In Antalya, a bus with tourists overturned after a tire explosion

A bus with tourists overturned in Antalya after a tire explosion

Another accident with foreign tourists occurred in the resort of Antalya: on the way from the airport to the hotels, a tire exploded near a tourist minibus, causing the bus to crash into the barriers and fell into a ditch. German tourists suffered, mostly women and children. No Russians were reported.

The accident occurred at about 4:30 pm on the D-400 highway in the Kyzylot area of ​​the Manavgat district. A tourist bus was heading from the Antalya airport to the popular resort city of Alanya when its tire burst at full speed. This caused a violation of directional stability and skidding of the car towards the steel barriers. The moment of the accident was seen by the driver who followed the tourist bus and he confirmed the fact of the problem with the wheel.

Firefighters, numerous ambulances, gendarmerie and road brigades were sent to the scene. As a result of the accident, 12 German tourists and the driver were injured. One German, stuck in the car, was taken out by firefighters. The wounded were taken to hospitals in Manavgat. Experts will determine the causes of the burst tire. Investigation ongoing.

Help: Tires can explode for a variety of reasons. Most of them are the improper maintenance of the vehicle. Almost all negative factors, except for a puncture, can be excluded independently. It is enough to monitor the condition of the wheels and choose the right tires for the operating conditions.

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