In Egypt, hostilities began against terrorists with the use of aircraft and bombing

Fighting against terrorists began in Egypt with the use of aviation and bombing

The region where one of the most popular among Russian tourists, the Egyptian resort of Sharm- el-Sheikh, got into the political-military news. In a large-scale operation against terrorists in the Sinai, moreover, with the participation of aviation and real bombing, an official representative of the Egyptian armed forces said: 23 terrorists were destroyed on the peninsula in one fell swoop. The reason for the “intensive operation” was an attempted terrorist attack on a water pumping station in western Sinai a few days ago.

Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez, spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces, said the army carried out airstrikes on militant hideouts following the attack. We are talking about “isolated areas adjacent to the border,” he added. During the airstrikes, several terrorist checkpoints and two four-wheel drive vehicles used by terrorist elements to carry out their criminal plans were destroyed. Several automatic rifles, hand grenades, wireless devices and launchers were also captured.

In an official statement by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, this operation is a continuation of the operation launched on February 9, 2018. Then the Egyptian security forces launched an extensive military campaign in the Sinai, aimed at destroying the shelters of the Islamists and ammunition depots used by the terrorists. The operation involves naval, air and infantry forces.

Last but not least, the “cleansing” is also being carried out to improve the security of resorts on the Sinai Peninsula – in the past, Sharm el-Sheikh, located there, was repeatedly attacked by terrorists, which killed many tourists, including Russian ones. Recall that large-scale terror against tourists began on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt back in 2004.

  1. Then, 18 years ago, a whole series of explosions thundered: as a result, 34 tourists were killed and 171 people were injured. Most of the victims were killed after a truck drove into the lobby of the Taba Hilton Hotel. Two more bombs exploded in Sinai campsites at a distance of about 50 kilometers from each other.
  2. And in 2005, in Sharm el-Sheikh, on the day of the Egyptian Revolution, there was a terrorist attack that for ten years was considered the bloodiest Islamist attack in history Egypt: bombs were planted near bars and restaurants, as well as in one of the hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh, as a result of which 88 people died and 150 were injured. Most of the victims were locals, although a few tourists also died, including 11 British citizens.
  3. During the so-called Islamic “revolution” of 2011, the denouement came – as a result of the seizure of power by Islamists, thousands of prisoners were released from the Muslim Brotherhood group (banned in the Russian Federation), including the political leaders of the Islamists – one of whom, Muhammad Morsi, “dorval even to the presidency of Egypt. Hundreds of those arrested for involvement in terrorism were also released. As a result, terrorist attacks began again in Sinai, although they did not concern tourists. For example, a radical Islamist group, which blew up a gas pipeline between Egypt and Israel, loudly announced itself. At the same time, the Sinai militants swore allegiance to ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and carried out a major terrorist attack against the military and police near the city of Sheikh Zweid.
  4. In 2012, General Abdal Fattah al-Sisi, who, by the way, , was appointed Minister of Defense by President Morsi, began “cleansing Sinai from terrorist nests.”
  5. Then in 2013, the general, as a result of another revolution, came to power and declared the previously “ruling party” the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as Islamists in general, outlawed.
  6. They responded with increased terrorist activity – the loudest event of which was the explosion in the sky over Sinai of a Russian plane with tourists in October 2015, after which Egypt was closed for Russian vacationers.

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