In Egypt, our replacements for Russian and Ukrainian tourists will be Americans, for whom they will prepare an unusual program

In Egypt, our replacements are Russian and Ukrainian tourists: they will be Americans, for whom they will prepare an unusual program

In search of alternatives to “beach” tourists from Russia and Ukraine in Egypt, they offer to develop new cultural programs – including bundled with neighboring countries – attractive to tourists from Europe, the USA and Australia. Such opportunities were announced by Atef Abdel Latif, head of the Association of Travelers for Tourism and Travel, a member of the Association of Tourism Investors in Marsa Alam and South Sinai.

“We really need to change our tourism programs and marketing plans for Egyptian tourism products so that we can attract different types of tourists in light of the current global atmosphere. For example, there is a need to prepare joint tourism programs between Egypt and other neighboring countries so that the tourism program for visiting Egypt is advertised at the global level,” he said.

In particular, he proposes to work on creating a single tourism program, uniting Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus and Greece. “Such programs are coordinated between countries to prepare a single program. This approach existed in the old days, and we must return to it again,” Mr. Latif assured.

The target audience of such a program, in his words, could be “tourists from America, Australia, Latin America and Canada.” “They travel long distances that last 15 flight hours, and when they visit the Middle East, it would be convenient for them to visit three countries on at least one program. Preparing programs that meet their desires would be a good idea to attract more tourists,” said the Egyptian expert.

He also calls for expanding cultural tourism within Egypt. Thus, the head of the Travel and Tourism Association proposed to prepare a tourism program that includes Sharm el-Sheikh and St. Catherine, which combines recreational, beach, religious and spiritual tourism, sacred music concerts and others in St. Catherine. Another program that can be emphasized is Nile cruises, also a “trick” for Europeans.

“There is great hope for the revival of tourism and the promotion of Egyptian tourism in France, Germany, Italy and Spain with various tourism programs that suit the nature of the modern tourist – and offer not only beach tourism. Our facilities can be used to encourage lovers of archaeological tourism in Luxor and Aswan to also enjoy recreational tourism in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh,” added Mr. Latif.

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