In Europe, they realized that Russian tourists can not be expected and gave out numbers

Europe realized that Russian tourists could not be expected and gave out figures

In response to EU sanctions, do not let Russian aircraft into their airspace , very few Russian tourists will come to European countries this summer. This forecast was published by the analytical company Data and Analytics.

The figures are as follows: according to the data and analytics company, in 2021 Russia ranked fifth in the world in terms of the number of international departures (13.7 million); in particular, in the same year, almost 20% of all outbound and domestic trips in Russia were recorded in June and July. It should be noted that Russians travel more actively in summer, choosing sunny and beach resorts.

In addition, in 2021, our tourists spent a total of 21.3 billion euros. Thus, Russia entered the top ten largest world markets in terms of total spending on outbound tourism.

“The beginning of summer usually marks the influx of Russian travelers to warm European sunny and beach destinations. However, this is not the case for many countries that routinely receive tourists from Russia every year, which will not contribute to their accelerated recovery times from COVID-19,” commented travel and tourism analyst Ralph Hollister.

The most affected countries from the anti-Russian sanctions in terms of tourism are Italy and Cyprus, whose economies will continue to decline due to the reduction in the number of Russian tourists. As for Cyprus, Russians accounted for 6% of total inbound trips within the top 10 home markets of Cyprus in 2021. While this percentage is not staggering, it still shows that Russia is an important source of holidaymakers for Cyprus. However, the local authorities realized that because of the sanctions, the Russians could no longer be expected this season, they would not be.

According to the company's survey for the third quarter of 2021, 61% of Russian respondents said they usually prefer traveling for the sun, sea and beach, meaning that Russians will especially miss the popular coastal areas of Cyprus. Earlier, rating agency DBRS Morningstar reported that Cyprus' gross domestic production (GDP) is expected to lose between 1.5 and 2 percent of its value due to sanctions imposed against Russians who will not be able to visit Cyprus this summer.

By the way, Turprom wrote last week that “Russians will not come here anymore: the EU expects the loss of more than 3 million Russian tourists.”

“Although only Italy and Cyprus were mentioned, the almost complete exclusion of Russian tourists traveling to EU this summer, will affect the tourist demand throughout Europe. As a result, post-COVID-19 recovery times for many destinations will be extended due to the loss of a major source market,” Hollister said.

The importance of Russian tourists as an international market for tourism sources is clear, especially as the world is emerging from a pandemic that has crippled aviation and tourism. While there has been massive travel uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictive measures, the purchasing power and willingness of Russians to travel has pulled back and helped restore many international destinations last year and this year.

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