“In Europe, you can’t stay with a tent anywhere, except for paid campsites: this is strictly monitored by the police,” is this true

I loved traveling with a tent and still love it. Firstly, you can stay overnight in a tent anywhere in the world, wherever you want. Sunrises and sunsets over the oceans that are memorable for a lifetime are all camping trips.

Secondly, it's just plain cheap. If in some Norway a night in a hotel costs at least eight thousand rubles at the current exchange rate, then you can spend the night in a tent absolutely free of charge. So is it possible to travel with a tent in Europe? Or will an evil uncle wait under every bush, ready to issue a ticket to a traveler for misbehavior? -nelzja-ostanovitsja-s-palatkoj-krome-platnyh-kempingov-za-etim-strogo-sledit-policija-pravda-li-eto-1981167.jpg” alt=””You can't stay with a tent anywhere in Europe, except for paid campsites: this is strictly monitored by the police”, — is this true” />

My orange tent at Cape Roca in Portugal two options. The first option is rare, only in the Scandinavian countries. In Norway and Sweden, since the time of the Vikings, there has been a law according to which a traveler can put up a tent anywhere for one night. In general, in any – even on the territory of private property in the yard of a local uncle!

If you're staying in a city park, you don't need to notify anyone. Just do not make noise, do not litter and follow the basic rules of decency. If you decide to stay with someone in the yard, then you need to notify the owner of your presence. He has no right to expel you, but he can easily invite you to spend the night in the house: there were such precedents.

Formally, put here tents are not allowed

The second option is to a greater or lesser extent all the countries of Europe. Formally, you can camp in a tent only in places specially designated for this, that is, paid campsites, but in fact no one will tell you anything, even if you violate this ban.

I had it that people, on the contrary, came up and asked if I needed something when I set up a tent within settlements. There has never been any negative, on the contrary – only a desire to help and show participation.

"In Europe, you can't stay with a tent anywhere, except for paid campsites: this is strictly monitored by the police", — is this true

The tent stands in the middle sand dunes

But what about the police? What happens if they see a tent?

I personally have not had such cases, but from the experience of friends there are two possible scenarios . The first is to come up and ask how life is. They will jokingly check your passport and tell you where delicious croissants with coffee are in the nearest cafe.

Second – they will also check your passport and ask who you are, what you are doing here and why you are sleeping in a tent. But even in this scenario, the likelihood that a person in uniform will issue a fine tends to zero.

In general, do not worry about and travel with a tent: it's great both in Russia and abroad.

Do you like this travel format? Or do you prefer hotels and civilized recreation?

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