In Greece, they found a replacement for Russian tourists: agreements were signed

Greece has found a replacement for Russian tourists: agreements have been signed

Geopolitical upheavals are forcing tourist countries to search for alternative markets at a frantic pace, primarily due to the departure of the Russian one. The closure of Europe for Russian tourists, apparently for a long time, was decided in Greece, which unconditionally supported sanctions against Russia, and local tourism authorities are looking for replacements for Russians in other global markets, while “luring” China and the United States.

As for the first, as stated in the Greek Ministry of Tourism for the period 2022-2024, the Minister of Tourism Vasilis Kikilias and the Chinese Ambassador to Greece Xiao Junzheng signed a special tourism agreement. Within its framework, “China and Greece will cooperate in the field of tourism education, as well as the mutual promotion of destinations in the two countries and the development of alternative forms of tourism. The Tourism Action Plan for the period 2022-2024 also covers activities under the Greco-Chinese Cultural Tourism Road and the World Tourism Alliance (WTA) under the Belt and Road.

The United States did not limit itself to documents, although the summit also took place: the first direct flight of the American airline Delta Airlines landed at Athens International Airport on Tuesday, “opening the tourist season this year earlier than ever before,” the Greek media noted. At the same time, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said that this year will be the largest number of flights between Greece and America in history. The Greek Minister of Tourism, in turn, thanked him for the “vote of confidence in the country and Greek tourism.” Up to “nine direct flights a day from the US to Greece” are expected this summer.

By the way, the American ambassador did not forget to speak on the current agenda. In particular, the United States, using the “clear statements of Greece”, unequivocally “pushes through” the requirement “to provide jobs in the tourism sector for Ukrainians”, despite the fact that in the tourism sector of Greece itself, which has not yet recovered from covid, the internal problem of unemployment is quite acute .

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