In Hurghada, a shark tore to death a Russian tourist: a bloody drama unfolded in front of vacationers

In Hurghada, a shark tore a Russian tourist to death: a bloody drama unfolded before the eyes of vacationers

A bloody drama unfolded before the eyes of Russian tourists in Hurghada : on Dream Beach, a shark tore apart a tourist right on the beach. According to the statement of the Russian consulate, the deceased also turned out to be Russian.

N.B. Later it became known that a Russian, torn to pieces by a shark in Egypt, died in front of his father – read the details at this link.

The details transmitted by the Baza Telegram channel are as follows: the attack took place on Thursday near the beach of one of the Egyptian beaches “Dream Beach”. A tourist, according to some eyewitnesses, with a girl, swam deep enough when a predator attack occurred, caught on video.

“The girl managed to escape, he took the blow on himself. It's a terrible thing, there are the remains of this guy. I'm shaking. Right in front of my eyes, the shark ate the guy. I think I need to drink a hundred grams, I feel really bad,” said an eyewitness to the attack, also a Russian tourist. Other witnesses state that “the shark swam right to the shore and dragged the tourist away.”

In the video posted on the channel, you can also hear the panic on the beach. Tourists are shouting in unison: “Sail away! Shark, Shark, Shark!” “She is returning, swim away!”, – and after that it is heard: “Oh mein Goth …” “She is eating up his leftovers!”. The bloody drama shocked the entire beach.

Sources also report that the Hurghada police informed the Russian Consulate General about the death of a Russian as a result of a shark attack. The fact that the deceased was a Russian was confirmed, according to the consulate, he was 23-year-old Vladimir P. from the Arkhangelsk region. According to some reports, the tourist lived in Hurghada for a long time, at least a few months.

Note that this is not the first tragedy involving tourists and sharks in the resorts of Egypt. So, in 2021, a whole series of shark attacks on tourists was recorded in Egypt. Including, even a tourist on a paraglider suffered – a predator emerged from the water and grabbed the leg of one of the tourists with her teeth. The victim lost the back of his foot. Read more here.

Also in October of that year, a 12-year-old boy and tour guide had their limbs blown off in another horrific shark attack off the coast of Egypt. A boy, his mother and a guide were snorkeling in a group of six when they were attacked by a predator near the Ras Mohammoud reef in Sharm El Sheikh – details here.

But the loudest story with sharks continues to be a series of incidents in 2010, when shark attacks almost “buried” the high tourist season of the New Year holidays: then many countries were ready to impose a ban on flights of their tourists to the resorts of Egypt. A reporter from the TURPROM infogroup also witnessed the attack, writing: “I arrived in Sharm El Sheikh early Sunday morning. By this time, the authorities had already lifted the ban on swimming in the sea because of the sharks – a lot of people were swimming in the morning, many even swam behind the buoys. I, like the rest of the tourists, managed to swim a little, but got out of the water as soon as I saw a whole flock of sharks not far from me. And at that moment, at about 12:30, panic and wild screams began on the beach of the nearby Hyatt Regency hotel. He immediately ran to the Hyatt Regency beach (then one of the best hotels in the resort, located in close proximity to the center of Sharm El Sheikh – Naama Bay), where he found a terrible picture: right at the pier, about 20 meters from the shore, covered in blood a woman floundered, hysterically screaming for help. However, no one could help her. Only after some time, the hotel staff were able to lift what was left of her to the pier – the body of the tourist was all bitten by a shark, she did not have one arm and one leg. “The corpse was covered with beach towels right on the pier – it was a middle-aged German tourist. It is obvious that the tourist died from blood loss – all the water at the pier was red with blood – just like in the movie “Jaws”. The hotel began to panic. All swimmers, and especially children, were urgently evacuated to the shore on motor boats from the sea. Then the police came and cordoned off the entire beach. They also brought in divers with harpoons, apparently specially trained, who began to search the coastal waters in the hope of finding a killer shark. Read the material about those attacks at this link.

So far, the Russian consulate urges tourists only to be careful on the waters. However, taking into account the fact that the deceased is a Russian, the situation can become much more serious. Moreover, in 2022 there were also attacks – then, in July, a shark attacked a bathing tourist, as a result of an attack by a predator, she received terrible injuries – the shark bit off her arm and leg. The tourist later died. According to the Egyptian media, everything happened in the very south of Hurghada in the area of ​​Sahl Hasheesh Bay, right on the beach of a luxury hotel. Russian tourists who witnessed the incident said that the shark was probably attracted by a huge number of fish. When attacked by a predator, tourists quickly got out of the water and tried to distract the shark from the victim. Also, according to them, the rescue services acted too slowly. Read more here.

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