In Hurghada, Russian tourists rolled down: a replacement was named, which was found to the Russians

In Hurghada, Russian tourists have slid down: a replacement has been named for the Russians

At the end of summer, Hurghada receives an average of 12,000 tourists a day, arriving on 79 flights. At the same time, Europeans come to the fore, and among them are German tourists, far ahead of Russian tourists. Such data was announced to the Egyptian media by Sameh Gomaa, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the tourist hotel group in Hurghada.

According to him, the flight schedule at Hurghada International Airport shows the daily arrival of 79 flights with 12 thousand tourists of different nationalities, arriving from European airports.

“We are seeing a recovery in tourism traffic and a variety of tourism markets supplying tourists to Hurghada hotels. German tourism comes to the fore, followed by Czech and Polish tourism,” said the expert. He did not mention the Russians in his statement, adding that “this summer Hurghada is going through its best times, which coincides with the high rates of foreign tourism.” Swedes in the resorts of Egypt. Read the details in the article “Anex started selling tours to Egypt on direct flights to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.”

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