In Hurghada, they talked about the new reality: the resort has changed beyond recognition in a month

In Hurghada they talked about a new reality: the resort has changed beyond recognition in a month

After a “month in a new reality” there are practically no tourists in Hurghada – but at the same time, “everything is quiet and calm,” local expats report. “There are practically no tourists. Mostly locals and residents walk around the city, as well as people who decided to wait out the dark times here, ”says one of the residents on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to her, “Russians are still looking for options to exchange money, since the cards have not been working since March 10, there are announcements about the collection of assistance to those in need; someone is looking for housing, work, things for life. Under such an “accompaniment”, the resort “floats” into an economic crisis: in Egypt, the dollar jumped sharply – by more than 2.5 pounds per day – to 18.20 pounds per dollar, the last rate even “fixed” 18.50. “This is a major leap for Egypt. And the reason is the same “international tension,” the blog author adds.

“Against this background, the ruble has strengthened – until recently they offered an exchange for either 9 or even 11 rubles per pound. Now the rate is somewhere in the range of 5.62-5.85 rubles per Egyptian pound. True, you can’t withdraw anything from ATMs, and on the Internet they still offer exchange mainly at 7-8 rubles per pound,” adds the author of the blog.

Prices, logically, also began to rise. “And a little more than a week later, Ramadan begins – at this time, the authorities are especially trying to control price increases, since on the eve of Ramadan people usually stock up to the fullest. The President even issued a directive with the maximum allowable prices in supermarkets. Those who overestimate them should be fined, ”the blogger writes. At the same time, according to her words, Hurghada does not yet feel “problems with bread”.

Domestic conflicts, at the same time, have not yet been noted either. “Egypt continues to maintain neutrality – both at the level of government and at the level of ordinary citizens (I'm talking in general and not taking into account individual cases),” the blogger adds.

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