In the shops of Dubai began the persecution of wealthy Russian tourists

The persecution of wealthy Russian tourists began in Dubai's shops

The news, more like an April Fool's joke for “shop tourists”, was launched by Baza Telegram channel. According to her, high fashion boutiques that have left Russia require tourists who buy abroad … not to wear their products in Russia. However, given the prevailing Russophobic hysteria in many countries of the world, perhaps this information is not an April Fool's joke.

“In Dubai, in Chanel stores, Russians are sold heavy luxury only if they sign a paper that they do not live in Russia and will not wear branded clothes of the company on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the channel says, referring in turn to Instagram banned in Russia (which belongs to company Meta, recognized as extremist in Russia) by a certain Lisa L. The girl, according to her, went to buy a handbag at the Chanel store in Dubai's Mall of Emirates.

As it turned out, buyers from Russia must sign a certain document if they want to buy a handbag from Chanel. Literally, it contains the following quote: “I do not live in Russia and will not wear this thing on the territory of Russia.” As the girl complains, the bag was never sold to her.

The situation certainly looks like an April Fool's joke. Although against the background of the “sanctions hysteria”, as they say, “suspicions creep in”…

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