In Turkey, a rating of tour operators has been compiled: rotations have begun

The rating of tour operators has been compiled in Turkey: rotations have begun

The rating of tour operators that brought the most tourists to the resorts of Turkey in 2021 was published by the Turkish tourism media, citing the research department of the Ekin Group. The report said that due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, there would be a decline in tourism and significant changes in numbers are coming.

According to the Incoming Report, which contains comprehensive data on how many tourists arrived in Turkey as part of package tours and which countries supplied them despite the pandemic, a total of 30 million tourists entered Turkey in 2021, including citizens living abroad. A total of 9 million travelers arrived in the beloved resort province of Antalya, of which 8 million were “package” tourists.

In the incoming market, the Anex tour operator traditionally ranks first: in 2021, it sent 1 million 255 thousand tourists to Antalya and 205 thousand to the Aegean Sea region (Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, etc.). In total, the number of tourists amounted to 1 million 460 thousand. Tantur, which is part of the TUI Group, took second place in the overall standings. His statistics are as follows – 1 million 128 thousand vacationers went to Antalya, 86 thousand – to the resorts of the Aegean Sea. In total – 1 million 214 thousand people. He went down one position and took an honorable third place Odeon. He has 1 million 41 thousand tourists sent to Antalya and 142 thousand to the Aegean region. The total number of tourists is 1 million 183 thousand.

Dozen suppliers and the number of tourists to the resorts of Antalya and Turkey as a whole are as follows:

Tour operator Antalya Total in Turkey /P>

  1. Anex Tourism Group 1.255.565 1.460.565
  2. tantur 1.128.149 1.214.149
  3. Odeon (OTI hosting company “Coral”) 1.041.600 1.183.663
  4. pegas 932.679 975.679
  5. Meeting Point 502.100 517.100
  6. tez tour 321.719 336.719
  7. Peninsula Tours 285.648 310.648
  8. Akay 310.536 310.536
  9. kilit global 268.784 286.784
  10. der touristik 209.116 209.116

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