In Turkey, everything must be tried and measured: the Russians were warned about the complete absence of standards

In Turkey, everything must be tried and measured: Russians have been warned about the complete absence of standards

There are no standards in Turkey – such a statement was made by a Russian woman living in the republic, meaning the lack of quality standards even within the same restaurant chain, the presence in the same stores of completely different clothing collections, etc. Therefore, in the country you need to measure everything, try it, and to be sure of the quality, visit only checked places. “So sometimes I miss the good old Soviet GOST when you buy a thing or a product. And you know that there are no surprises,” the author said on the Yandex.Zen channel.

According to the blogger, having repeatedly visited the same chain restaurant in different areas, she had the impression of a complete lack of a quality standard for dishes. In one “… they brought a salad floating in a puddle of water … And not in some penny eatery. Kırçiçeği is a decent chain of cafes throughout Turkey, where we often eat, by the way. For example, in Mavishehir. And this time we stopped at Bayrakli. I have eaten this salad in Mavishehir many times. And this is one of the best salads in my life. But in Bayrakli, I wanted to put this salad bowl on the head of the one who prepared this dish. Waiting: 30 minutes, burnt chicken, half a liter of water in a cup and half the ingredients missing,” she protested.

The same restaurant in different areas and the same price of a dish in Turkey does not guarantee the same the same quality. “In one branch you eat, enjoying, and in another you think about how not to get poisoned,” the Russian woman added.

In addition, the author was outraged by the situation with clothing. “In different districts of the same city, chain clothing stores have completely different collections. Well, it’s kind of normal when, for example, one type of thing is sold in an elite area, and another in an area where the middle class lives, but all illiquid assets are brought to poor areas for cheap, ”the compatriot explained and added that she was surprised another moment. “Usually I wear S – 36 (size), but in some Turkish stores I’m just right for 34, or even 32,” the author noted.

As for shoes, in this case, the Russian woman was also in for confusion and disappointment. Having ordered three pairs of “expensive” shoes from the same manufacturer, the Russian woman tried them on and stated that all three sat on her foot in different ways. All sizes 36. Came: some do not fit, others – butt, the leg falls out of the third. I'm not talking about pad width. After all, there should be models for both a narrow and a wide leg. I'm talking about the length. When one is 36, like 35, and the other, like 38, ”the author summed up and remembered the times when GOST existed in the USSR.

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