In Turkey, they calculated the cost of holidays for Russian tourists and were unpleasantly surprised

In Turkey, they calculated the cost of a holiday for Russian tourists and were unpleasantly surprised

Holidays in Turkey for Russian tourists will rise in price significantly: according to Turkish analysts, the cost of tours has already increased by 80%, which is caused by the financial crisis and problems with air travel. This is a very unpleasant trend not only for Russian tourists, but also for the Turkish tourist industry: due to rising prices, the Russian tourist flow to Turkey will further decline. At the same time, in January, as the Turks say, bookings grew significantly due to the depreciation of the lira against the ruble, which is now also “in Turkish favor.”

N.B. By the way, the summer season has already opened in Antalya: the beaches are dotted with tourists – read the details here.

So, according to Turkish experts of the Turizmajansi publication, due to sanctions, the lira exchange rate against the ruble rose from 5.7 to 6.8. Also affected by the increase in transport costs for Russian tourists due to “air sanctions”. According to the figures given by the Turkish media, the cost of a 10-day tour of Turkey in a 3* hotel for two has increased from 616 euros to 1060 euros.

On this occasion, the Turks were quick to quote the British The Economist, which assured that the rise in prices is most in Russia and “the rise in prices in Russia puts pressure on the consumer.” According to the British, vacations in Turkey have become the commodity whose prices for Russians rose the most between February 25 and March 18. And it is British analysts who estimate that it became 81% more expensive for Russians to come to rest in Turkey during the specified period.

Russian figures, however, also show growth. According to ATOR, at the moment, an all-inclusive vacation in Antalya for 2 people in a 3-star hotel in June is sold for about 137 thousand rubles; last summer, a similar package could be purchased for 90-95 thousand rubles.

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