In Turkey, they proposed to start an urgent rescue of Anex, Pegasus and Coral: they were declared victims

Turkey proposed to start urgent rescue of Anex, Pegasus and Koral: they were declared victims

Turkey plans to start urgent rescue of tour operators operating on the Russian market, but only “with Turkish roots”. This was stated by local tourism expert Hussein Baraner.

“A sector that is one of the most strategically significant for the Turkish economy and which accounts for at least 100 million tourists and 100 billion dollars of foreign exchange inflows in 7-8 years, should be supported in the current difficult times,” the Turkish expert says. However, this mainly concerns the “strongest sales channels for Turkish tourism” – i.e. tour operators Anex, Coral and Pegas.

“Companies that were created by Turkish entrepreneurs as Moscow operators about 30 years ago and attracted tens of millions of tourists to our country are the strongest channels. Each of these companies is worth over $300 million. Thanks to Anex, Pegasus and Koral, Turkey has established its dominance in the international tourism markets,” the expert says.

He goes on to argue that these three tour operators have suddenly become the biggest victims of geopolitical turmoil. “Our strategic sector must protect the strongest marketing channels for tourism with a special solution,” the expert cries out. He recalls that Germany has managed to maintain its corporate brand by providing a €3 billion loan to TUI, the country's biggest travel brand, during the pandemic. Now, with the onset of the Ukrainian crisis, Turkey should take similar measures.

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