In Turkey, using their own example, they told how Europe will steal money on visas from Russian tourists, refusing them

Turkey told by example how Europe will steal money on visas from Russian tourists, refusing them

Problems with obtaining a Schengen visa can turn into a “money trap”: Turkish media warned Russian tourists about this, referring to the experience of Turkey itself. The mechanism of stealing money from local tourists by the consulates of European countries is as follows: tourists applying for a Schengen visa are asked for a huge number of documents to complicate the procedure and increase the likelihood of any error in the documents, then tourists are forced to wait for weeks, and in the end for most requests respond with a refusal. At the same time, the money received during the application for a visa is not refundable. It is impossible to call it other than deliberate theft.

The income of diplomatic missions from such theft, by the way, is significant: according to Turkish experts, since 2015, Turkish tourists have left more than 26 million euros in the consulates of European countries. At the same time, on average, in Turkey, for applications for a Schengen visa, the fee is 120-125 euros, for British – from $ 130 to $ 1105, and for US visas about $ 200.

What is significant, and Europe can transfer this experience to Russia, the number of refusals in Schengen for Turkish tourists has doubled in 3 years. The media cite the following figures: in 2019, the number of applications for Schengen in Turkey was about 907 thousand per year. Of these, 9.7% were rejected. After an understandable failure in 2020, in 2021 the number of applications amounted to 272 thousand – of which almost 17%, that is, almost twice as many, there were refusals. In 2022, another 22% more applications for Schengen were applied, the number of refusals has not yet been calculated.

The number of complaints is expected to grow as well. In 2019, a total of 182 complaints were received. And in 2022, their number was 1270 in the first six months of 2022 alone. In other words, it has increased by almost 10 times.

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