India resumes international flights

India reopens international flights and issues permits for flights to Russia.

India resumes international flights

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“Indian companies will fly to 43 destinations in 27 countries including UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Qatar, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey, Malaysia, UK, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong and Russia,”, – said the representative of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of India.

According to the @ranarod Telegram channel, 6 Indian airlines and 60 foreign airlines from 40 countries, including Russia. Air India (361), AI Express (340) and Emirates (170) have the most approvals for such air carriers as IndiGo (505 flights) and Emirates (170).

Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is planned to increase the number of flights from 2 to 7 per week.


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