Israel surrendered and changed the entry rules for Russian tourists

Israel surrendered and changed the entry rules for Russian tourists

Another simplification of the “covid rules” awaits tourists arriving in Israel in May. Including tourists from Russia. A recently tightly closed country with the strictest coronavirus safety rules is rapidly opening up for tourists, finally giving up and actually canceling the pandemic.

Thus, according to the information of the Israeli Ministry of Health, presented by the PCT, since May 20, more tourists have been coming will not be required to take a PCR test at the airport upon arrival in the country. “The decision was made against the backdrop of a decrease in the incidence rate, following an assessment of the situation with the participation of specialists from the ministry and employees of the Airports Authority,” the message says.

The rule has already been simplified. Since May 10, tourists from foreign countries have been allowed to present the result of an antigen test before boarding a plane to Israel. The test must be passed a day before departure to the country.

The tourists were also reminded that they would need medical insurance to enter, which includes “coronavirus” risks, i.e. coronavirus treatment. In addition, an entry declaration must be filled out within 48 hours before departure.

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