It became known how Russians can get a residence permit in Turkey

It became known how Russians can get a residence permit in Turkey

“Likbez” for freshly minted emigrants to Turkey about the topical issues of survival in the country and obtaining a residence permit was published by a travel blogger on her channel in Yandex.Zen. “The most important thing about obtaining a residence permit and citizenship by investment in 2022” in her presentation is as follows.

To begin with, she reminded that according to the tourist stamp in Turkey, you can live only 60 days in a row. Moreover, it is required to stay in the country no more than 90 days within six months and no more than 180 days a year – that is, 60 + 30 days in one half year. “To start the countdown again, it is enough to leave even for 1 day,” the blogger assures.

However, it is obvious that those who fled from Russia are unlikely to master such a route in bulk – the blogger advises them to “get a tourist residence permit” , notes that it is important to apply before the end of the stay on the stamp, and also that the rules have now been tightened. And they are:

Residence permit in Turkey in 2022 is given only for 6 months. What is required for this:

  • a lease agreement for 6 months, certified by a notary in the presence of the owner of the apartment;
  • passport, tax number, payment of duties (the standard package of documents has not changed from last years);
  • open an account in a Turkish bank and deposit 40,000 lira per person (19,000 per child).

At the same time, the blogger notes: it is necessary that the money deposited in a Turkish bank for obtaining a residence permit does not just lie. “If there are no movements on the account, then you will not receive a second residence permit,” she assures.

The next option – according to her, the easiest one – is a residence permit based on the purchase of an apartment. “It is still issued for 2 years with the possibility of extension,” the blogger assures and urges colleagues to hurry up, while buying an apartment in Turkey in 2022 is still easy. “All you need is a passport and money – the company in which you draw up the contract will take care of the rest. Prices for apartments in Turkey have risen. For example, in the developed areas of Alanya, you need to focus on the amount of 50 thousand euros for a “one-room apartment” at the construction stage. But if you choose a place that is just starting to develop (for example, the Payallar district in Alanya), then you can find options from 40 thousand euros. Turkish companies have already adjusted to the situation of 2022. Many accept payments in cash, cryptocurrency and even rubles in Russia,” the blogger assures, although he warns that not all options are profitable.

In doing so, she reminds holders of relatively large sums that: “Turkey is one of the rare countries that offers citizenship for a relatively small investment in real estate. In 2022, to participate in the program, you need to spend 250 thousand dollars (you can buy several objects for this amount). However, this “action” is unlikely to last for many more years: interest in Turkey is constantly growing, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly said that his country estimates its citizenship too cheaply.

Further, the blogger told her personal experience, not forgetting to advertise her intermediary services in between: “In the summer of 2021, I bought an apartment in Turkey (Alanya, Avsallar district) for 45 thousand euros. My house will be handed over in the fall of 2022. I paid 40% of the amount immediately, and broke the rest into equal payments before the end of the construction period. I transferred all the money officially – from an account in a Russian bank to the developer's account in Turkey. At the time of the crisis, when transfers from Russia abroad became impossible, Turkish developers went forward. They agreed to transfer through the Golden Crown payment system and even offered to pay in rubles through a Russian intermediary. And most importantly, they allowed to shift the payment a little (so as not to convert money at the rate of 1 euro = 150 rubles),” the blogger boasted.

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