It became known which countries Russians leave through Istanbul: the tourist flow jumped to heaven

It became known which countries Russians go to through Istanbul: the tourist flow has skyrocketed

joining Western sanctions and not closing the sky with Russia: the number of Russians departing through Istanbul, including to European countries, is growing – as a result, the number of flights through the unofficial Turkish capital has tripled. Including through Istanbul, tourists get to countries open to Russians, where there are not so many flights.

Turkish media, for example, spread the statement of the Russian ATOR. The association of tour operators, we recall, reported that due to the mutual closure of the sky and the introduction of air sanctions, the number of connecting flights to the still open countries, namely to Turkey, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates, increased by 200%.

At the same time, a significant part of tourists use these countries as a transfer destination. Thus, the Turkish side notes that through Turkey, Russians mainly migrate to European countries – such as Germany, Italy, England, Spain and Greece. We add that through Serbia, the Russians are moving to the neighboring Balkan states, primarily Montenegro, as well as Cyprus. And the UAE has become a hub for long-haul flights – to Asian countries and the USA.

However, a significant part of tourists also “settle” in Istanbul. Including the well-known “fugitives” from Russia. At least the other day, social networks that remained accessible to Russians were circulated with a photograph of Chubais withdrawing money from an ATM. This seems to be happening in Istanbul.

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