It is shown how American tourists planning holidays in Germany and France were affected by the crisis in Ukraine

It is shown how American tourists planning holidays in Germany and France were affected by the crisis in Ukraine< /p>The main drop in demand from American tourists will affect those European countries that directly border Ukraine, but in general, Americans are still eager to travel to the EU, despite all the shocks. This assessment was voiced by representatives of the analytical company Forward Keys. “Unmet travel demand has prompted Americans to book trips to the EU despite the geopolitical and migration crisis, as well as financial problems,” CEO Olivier Ponty said during a presentation hosted by the European Tourism Council (ETC).

He assured that transatlantic travel is “strongly holding on”: bookings from the US increased back in January, when travel restrictions were lifted, but the level of bookings fell from 86% from “pre-coronavirus” to 74% in the first week of the Russian special operation. It is now gradually returning, “indicating strong demand for these strategic and profitable routes,” the expert said.

Airlines are also optimistic about the coming months, and do not report a “substantial adjustment” of tourist destinations from USA. “Demand for air travel has increased,” they say.

However, the situation in Europe, of course, is not uniform. Ukraine's neighbors have been hardest hit, with bookings falling by more than 50% in Poland and Moldova, and bookings falling between 30 and 50% in Hungary, Georgia, Bulgaria and the Baltic States. In other countries, the situation is easier: in Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal, there is a decrease in the number of bookings by 10-30%. In the “core” countries of Western Europe, such as France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Iceland and Sweden, the decline was less than 10%.

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