It is told how to choose Russian hotels according to their stars, and what a tourist can demand

It is told how to choose Russian hotels according to their stars, and what a tourist can demand

Since 2020 obligatory certification works for Russian hotels. However, not every tourist knows what he has the right to expect in a hotel of one category or another. Experts of the service analyzed in detail what a tourist can get “for his money” in hotels of different “stars”, as well as what classification systems exist.

They noted that Russian hotels must confirm their status every three years – for this, a special commission is invited to the hotel. The main requirements are as follows:

Hotels without stars – a hostel or mini-hotel can get this status. The range of services here is minimal. In their “characteristics” should be switched off:

  • sign;
  • emergency lighting system;
    hot and cold water;
    administration safe.

If this is a hostel, the area of ​​​​the room in them must be at least four square meters per bed, and the distance from the top of the bunk bed to the ceiling must be at least 75 centimeters.

Hotels 1 – also cheap small hotels with a minimum of requirements.

  • reception, accommodation from 7:00 to 22:00;
  • single beds, 90 by 190 centimeters;
  • cleaning and change of bed linen after 5 nights stay;
  • one toilet and one bathroom/shower for every ten rooms;
  • breakfast with cold dishes.
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    Hotels 2*– also small affordable hotels with a set of only basic services. Is it getting better next?

    • cleaning is daily
    • amenities are in the room,
    • the area of ​​the rooms is at least 10 square meters meters,
    • in hotels with more than 50 rooms, there may be a laundry room,
    • reception is open from 7:00 to 00:00.

    Hotels 3* – the most common and popular type of hotels. Room amenities include air conditioning, hair dryer, refrigerator/minibar and TV. The area of ​​each room is at least 12 square meters. On the territory of the hotel, most often there is a dining room or a restaurant, a laundry, a gym, a business center, a swimming pool.

    Also, 3 * hotels must provide the tourist with:

    • on all floors above the second must have an elevator;
    • equipped conference room;
    • wi-fi;
    • change of bed linen after 3 nights stay;
    • all rooms with shower and toilet;
    • lunch and dinner in the restaurant;
    • additional paid and free services on the territory.

    4* stars – additional services beloved by tourists and pleasant bonuses begin here: spa treatments, massages, several different restaurants and conference rooms. In the bathroom – there should be a set of towels and personal hygiene products: shampoo, soap, shower gel and more.

    Also rely on:

    • high-quality furniture and equipment;
    • elevator on all floors;
    • separate elevator for service personnel;
    • private parking (sometimes car rental);
    • several equipped conference rooms;
    • •minimum room size: single – 12 squares, double – 17 squares, two-room – 40 squares, three-room – 55 squares;
    • change of bed linen after 2 nights of stay;
    • mini-bars;
    • internet;
    • breakfast with a large selection, including hot dishes; lunch and dinner at the restaurant.

    And finally 5 hotels* or De Luxe category – which include a wide range of basic and additional services, including exclusive ones: for example, a golf course, a heliport, personal servants in the room, doormen and much more. Five-star hotels are designed in such a way that guests do not have to leave the territory at all.

    What is characteristic of five-star hotels:

    • high-quality exclusive furniture and equipment;
    • < li>multiple elevators on all floors;

    • several meeting rooms with catering facilities;
    • exclusive souvenirs;
    • ice machines on the floors or the presence of ice in the rooms;
    • single apartments have a minimum area of ​​13 squares, doubles – 18 squares, two-room – 40 squares; three-room apartments – 55 square meters;
    • air conditioning in all rooms;
    • change of bed linen daily;
    • bathrobe for each guest;
    • wi -fi in rooms;
    • ballroom or nightclub;
    • several themed restaurants;
    • hairdresser and beauty salon (if more than 100 rooms);
    • indoor pool, fitness center, wellness center, changing rooms and showers, sauna and relaxation area;< /li>
    • children's play area, children's room and special children's menu.

    According to experts, a single star system is used almost all over the world. Greece acted in an original way: instead of stars, they use a system of letters. However, the requirements for Greek accommodation facilities are the same, so in essence there is no difference: “five stars” in Greece corresponds to Deluxe, A – “four stars”, B – three and so on. In the rest of the world, there are significant differences in classification only in the UK (crowns are used there: two crowns is one star) and in the USA (Tourist Class, First Class, Deluxe).

    “How do Russian hotels differ from Turkish and Egyptian ones?” – experts also ask questions and answer tourists that from the point of view of classification – nothing, the requirements are the same. In fact, there are differences. “In countries with a seasonal flow of tourists (Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Egypt), many hotels provide a set of services corresponding to four and five stars, but due to the small size of the rooms they cannot get a category. Therefore, with a rank of 3 *, the level of service may correspond to a higher status (cosmetic accessories in the rooms, mini-bar, 24-hour reception, fitness rooms and swimming pools, and so on). In Turkey, in general, 3 * hotels are often better in terms of service than older hotels in some other countries,” they said.

    The Emirates also have a funny feature: since alcohol is prohibited there, there are no mini -bars, and this is a prerequisite for five stars. Accordingly, the status of a hotel can be four-star, but in fact it is a full-fledged DeLuxe without a mini-bar.

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