It will be possible to have a rest in Crimea on children's cashback from May 1

In Russia, ticket sales under the children's cashback program will begin on the night of March 30-31. It will be possible to go to the camp from May 1.

The government of the Russian Federation will allocate 7.5 billion rubles to the children's cashback program in 2022, last year 5 billion rubles were allocated to launch the campaign, and now other people will be able to use its opportunities less than 450,000 children.

As Head of the Government of Russia Mikhail Mishustin noted, the half-price refund program for children has been extended on behalf of the President. She was very popular with her parents. During its work, tickets for almost 10 billion rubles were sold to more than 2.3 thousand children's camps. The refund amounted to almost 5 billion rubles. About 420 thousand children were able to have a rest under the program.

The mechanism of the program will remain the same: parents buy a ticket to a children's camp for their child using the Mir card. After that, within five days, they receive a refund of 50% of the funds spent on it (but not more than 20 thousand rubles). The number of trips for one child is not limited – you can go for any number of shifts. To receive cashback, you need to make a separate transaction for each trip. For families with several children, it will be possible to return half the cost from each tour purchased.

«At the last stage, 24 organizations from the Republic of Crimea took part in the children's tourist cashback program. A complete list of participants and proposals for the new stage, including those from Crimea, will be formed and published on the website of worldtravel.rf by the time the program starts in a separate section “Children's camps”“, – said Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Kazakhstan Vadim Volchenko .

The Federal Agency for Tourism informs that the goal of the program is to reduce the cost of vouchers for organizing children's recreation and their health improvement by returning part of the cost and invites all potential participants in the tourism market to participate:
-? stationary organizations for children's recreation and their rehabilitation, information about which is contained in the register of organizations for children's recreation and their rehabilitation of the Ministry of Education;
-? ;
-?electronic systems of aggregators of services (vouchers) of stationary organizations for children's recreation and their rehabilitation (hereinafter referred to as children's camps).


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