It’s better not to see this: the Russians spoke about the complete unsanitary catering in Thailand

It's better not to see this: the Russians spoke about the complete unsanitary catering in Thailand

“Everyone who has ever been to Thailand knows how cooking is going on… it’s better not to see impressionable people,” warned the Russians, who left Russia six months ago and “settled” in the “land of smiles.” In street kitchens, often hastily equipped, Thais usually cook in conditions of complete unsanitary conditions. In that case, why don't tourists get poisoned? Or do bad things happen?

Recall that Thai cuisine is famous all over the world for its mixture of spicy, salty, sour and sweet, delighting the taste buds and satisfying the appetite. In addition, visitors, and especially Russians who are accustomed to other food, are in for a double whammy in the form of exotic spices, as well as with an equally exotic list of new microbes and bacteria that are hard at work to ruin the tourist's holiday.

“If you are an aesthete who only eats at Michelin-starred restaurants, then Thailand is not your option at all. Even in good places, they mostly cook here, not observing the necessary standards. Therefore, they often say that Thai food is better to just eat and never imagine the cooking process, ”explained the author of the publication in his blog on Yandex.Zen, and nevertheless analyzed the methods of cooking in macarons and night markets, where he has been feeding himself for the last six months.

During this time, the blogger noted, there has never been poisoning and indigestion. “… right before your eyes, local chefs in construction gloves (yes, you rarely see special gloves for cooking here) or with their bare hands create masterpieces of culinary art. If you think that cooking with dirty hands is the height of harshness, then do not forget to add to this the huge cockroaches running around and other living creatures that are here wherever there is food. Plus, stray dogs also quietly run into the kitchens, they are, of course, kicked out of there, but still not pleasant … Sometimes it seems that the dog once runs behind the counter, but will not run back, ”he said.

At the same time, no matter how critical the situation in catering kitchens in Thailand is from the point of view of sanitary standards, the Thais “really cook delicious food,” the tourist noted. Sometimes even in Russia, he added, where all the rules of storage and cooking are observed, one had to get sick. “But Thailand has not disappointed yet, or we were just lucky. Probably, the point is not in the conditions of cooking, but in the naturalness of cooking, which is becoming less in Russia over the years … ”, the migrant suggested.

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