Kenya says they are waiting for tourists from Russia

Russians have more and more new holiday destinations instead of Europe

Kenya said they were waiting for tourists from Russia

In Kenya announced that they are waiting for tourists from Russia

Kenyan authorities want to attract tourists from Russia. For this, the possibility is being considered to introduce Mir cards in the African country, as well as to resume direct flights between Moscow and Nairobi.

Previously, Kenya was not on the list of popular tourist destinations among Russians. But this year, amid the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, Russian citizens are actively looking for new vacation spots.

Nairobi is ready to offer their country as an alternative vacation spot for Russians. To do this, it is planned to establish direct flights between countries and introduce the World maps in Kenya.

“I can’t confirm this yet, but we must consider all methods. So, if the Russian side offers to discuss this option, we will consider it,” — said Ambassador of Kenya to the Russian Federation Benson Ogutu.

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