Love is in the air: the flight attendant revealed the secret word they use to designate pleasant passengers

Love is in the air: a flight attendant revealed the secret word they use to designate pleasant passengers

Flight attendants use a special oral cipher when are in the workplace. So, one of them told Buzzfeed that her colleagues use a secret phrase to describe attractive tourists on board.

Flight attendants use the English abbreviation BOB, which stands for Boyfriend on Board, i.e. “Guy on board”. “We play a game of calling people BOB or raftie (raft), referring to whoever we would like to see on our raft in the water, if necessary. We say: “I saw WWII at 16A” or “There are a lot of rafts on this flight. We also notice rude people and say nasty things about them as soon as we finish the service and are in the galley,” she explained.

Similarly, if you hear a flight attendant talking about hot coffee in the aisle of an airplane, but don't notice anyone drinking a hot drink, chances are there's a cute passenger nearby. In an interview with Yahoo, flight attendant Emily Whitkop shared similar information, but their team used different codes: “I remember there was a hot coffee code among flight attendants for a few years. The phrase “I have hot coffee at 3B!” meant that there was an extremely attractive passenger sitting in that particular seat, whom other flight attendants should check on.”

There is another secret word when the crew falls in love with passengers – it is impossible to know until the very last moment. According to a senior member of flight attendants in Australia, when travelers exit the cabin of an airliner, employees can play a game called Cheerio.

“There is a Cheerio game that flight attendants can play when passengers leave the plane. When we stand there, we usually say: “bye, thank you, take care of yourself”, etc., but when we see someone we like very much, we say cheerio, i.e. welcome them. You need to do this with a colleague, and the challenge is to keep a straight face.”

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