Major airline returns to Russia with connecting flights

 A major airline returns to Russia with connecting flights

The return of the national carrier of exotic Ethiopia to Russia will add a new transfer hub through which Russian tourists will be able to get to African resort destinations, as well as the Seychelles at quite affordable prices for the exotic. This is how the experts of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia assessed the return of Ethiopian Airlines flights to our country.

On Wednesday, representatives of the carrier informed tour operators that they were resuming flights to Russia, which were closed in March. Note that the carrier hoped to return at the end of April – in reality, the first flights are scheduled for June 23.

“Flights will be operated on the route Moscow – Addis Ababa – Moscow 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays on the Boeing-787 Dreamliner. Tariff – from 27.5 thousand rubles. per person in one direction,” ATOR experts said. They also added that thanks to Ethiopian Airlines flights with a connection in Addis Ababa, tourists will be able to reach South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya. The fan will also be offered exotic routes to Namibia and Madagascar. Flights to the Seychelles are also available with a transfer in Addis Ababa.

At the same time, as tour operators separately emphasize, the returned national carrier Ethiopian Airlines offers prices for flights that are quite acceptable for exotic destinations. They presented the following prices for connecting flights:

  • To Kenya from Moscow 34 thousand rubles. per person one way,
  • to Namibia – 33.1 thousand rubles,
  • in South Africa – for 34.4 thousand rubles,
  • to the Seychelles – for 36.6 thousand rubles.

For comparison, experts say, the route to Cape Town with a transfer in Doha (Qatar) will cost at least 40.2 thousand rubles. also per person one way.

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