Mallorca in July: Spanish holidays with the scent of the sea

Travel — the only thing that makes you richer. Many tourists remember this popular expression because they prefer to spend their holidays abroad. In some countries you can visit many interesting sights, in others — enjoy a lazy holiday on the spacious beaches, in the third — admire the incredible scenery. Perhaps every person dreams of finding a place where all these three types of recreation would be combined.

And such a piece of paradise exists! This is the Spanish island of Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands. In the 1950s, a real tourist boom took place here, after which people from all over the world annually come to enjoy an unforgettable vacation on a wonderful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Majorca in July: Spanish holidays with the scent of the sea

Holidays in Mallorca in July: advantages and disadvantages of the resort

So that the long-awaited summer vacation is not spoiled by unpleasant surprises, before the trip, you should carefully prepare and read reviews about holidays in Mallorca in July. Let's say right away that mostly travelers leave positive comments. What are the main advantagesof a July holiday called by tourists?

  • The main plus of — it is, of course, warm sunny weather. Even at night, Mallorcan guests do not freeze and enjoy walking in summer clothes.
  • The sea is perfectly warm by the middle of summer, even small children can swim.
  • In July, several interesting events take place on the island, which we will tell you about later.
  • A light embat wind blows here almost all year round, but if in winter it causes a little discomfort, then in summer it pleasantly refreshes and gives a feeling of coolness.
  • Local markets offer a large selection of tasty and healthy fruits and vegetables.

It's hard to even remember the shortcomings, which could be attributed to Mallorca in July. Perhaps the main disadvantages are the high cost of accommodation, tours and air tickets, as well as the influx of tourists. July and August — the peak of the high season, so there are quite a lot of people on the island. In this regard, the cost of all tourist services naturally rises.

If you are planning to fly to Mallorca in July, then take care of booking a hotel and plane tickets in advance. Already at the end of spring, there may not be any free places in hotels for the middle of summer. The July vacation provides for long-term planning.

Majorca weather in July

Weather in Mallorca in July — August is hot, as befits a Spanish summer. The peak of solar activity is observed at the end of the season, but the temperature rises noticeably from mid-July. The sea also warms up only by the second summer month.

The weather in early July is great for family holidays. Warm clothes during this period will no longer be useful, but the cream for a safe tan — vice versa. Sometimes cloudy weather is possible, tourists will not find cloudy days on the island.

The temperature in Mallorca in mid-July is approaching extreme temperatures, but, as we said above, the heat is tolerated here quite easily. Local weather is deceptive — it seems that it is not so hot outside and you can do without creams and panamas, but this is not so. Do not neglect sun protection.

The weather in Mallorca at the end of July is characterized by record high thermometers. However, despite the heat, vacationers can still fully enjoy sightseeing holidays. True, sightseeing is best done in the morning or in the afternoon.

Air and water temperature

The local Mediterranean climate ensures dry and hot summers. There is no exhausting, tiring heat on the island, even despite the high temperature indicators. The fact is that the proximity of the sea and mountains, as well as the abundance of green spaces smooth out the heat.

Air temperature in Mallorca in July

Walking on the island is comfortable at any time of the day. The average day and night temperatures in Mallorca in July are +30.9 °C and +22.6 °C, respectively. Just in case, it is better to take a few warm clothes with you in order to protect yourself from force majeure in the form of a cold snap.  

Sea temperature

A beach holiday in Mallorca is definitely to be! The Mediterranean Sea in the middle of summer is already quite warm, the average water temperature is +25.7 °C. If at the beginning of the month the thermometer shows an average of +23°24 °C, then in recent weeks the water warms up to +26°27 °C. Swimming in the clear waves is a great refreshment on hot July days.


The average July rainfall on the island is 4.4 mm. There will not be a single rainy day for the whole month. This is the driest period.

Sunny, cloudy, overcast days

July is the sunniest month of the year in Mallorca, so sunglasses are a must in your luggage. 28 days, or 93% of the time, are clear days. Cloudy weather accounts for the remaining 7%. 

Beach holidays in Mallorca

Majorca in July: Spanish holidays with the scent of the sea

The beaches of the island are striking in their diversity. Here are the “wild” rocky areas, picturesque coves and, of course, sandy spacious beaches with developed infrastructure. Many bathing areas have received the prestigious Blue Flag award. for the purity of the water and the coast.

All the beaches of the island are municipal, and the entrance to their territory is completely free. But for renting umbrellas and sun loungers, as well as for water activities, a fee is charged.

Most of the beaches of local resorts are suitable for families, as the descent into the water is flat and gentle, the water is clean, shallow water stretches for several meters.

What kind of entertainment is not on the beaches of Mallorca! Windsurfing, water skiing, catamarans and much more. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular. There are scuba diving schools in almost every resort on the island. The best way to get acquainted with the fauna of the Mediterranean Sea is on the east coast, where there is an incredibly beautiful coral reef.

In July, the beaches of Mallorca are attacked by “Portuguese boats” — poisonous jellyfish. Periodically, some beaches are closed to clear the coast from this living creature. However, tourists themselves should not lose vigilance, carefully inspect the beach and the bottom when entering the water.

Sightseeing holidays in Mallorca

The island has a very rich and interesting history. Over the years of its existence, Mallorca managed to visit a pirate base, suffer from raids by ancient German vandals and a plague epidemic that wiped out more than half of the population.

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Mallorca in July: Spanish holidays with the scent of the sea

During your vacation, set aside at least one day to visit the historic town of Valldemossa. Stroll through the narrow streets of the Spanish province — real pleasure. Along the way you will come across a Carthusian monastery, where Chopin once stopped, and St. Bartholomew, made in the Baroque style.

Palazio de la Almudaina

 Mallorca in July: Spanish holidays with the scent of the sea

Almudaina Palaceconsidered the oldest Spanish castle, today it serves as the island residence of the king. Visitors will be guided through the Throne Room, shown to the Royal Court with a Gothic chapel and the Royal Garden, spread out at the foot of the castle, and in the end, experienced guides will arrange an excursion into the history of Spain in the National Museum.

Belver Castle

Mallorca in July: Spanish holidays with the scent of the sea

Another gem of local architecture is the Gothic Bellver Castle. Inside there are archaeological artifacts and sculptures, on the upper floors — patio with a breathtaking view of Palma. At the beginning of July, it is pleasant to walk around the courtyard of Bellver Castle during the day and feel the atmosphere of the ancient era.

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Dragon's Cave

Mallorca — an incredibly picturesque island, where many natural attractions are concentrated. Among them — Dragon Cave, which is recommended to visit at the end of July, during the intense heat. It is believed that the Templars and pirates hid their treasures here. Thanks to the efforts of treasure hunters, detailed maps of the cave were created, which stretches for 2 thousand meters. There are grottoes, stalactites and underground lakes in the Dragon Cave. During the tour, tourists will see several halls,the well of the Vampires and the lookout pCyclops' boat.

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    There are plenty of family-friendly places on the island. Here is just a partial list of places worth visiting with children:

    • Marineland Dolphinarium (Costa den Blanes);
    • Palma Aquarium (Palma de Mallorca);
    • Kathmandu Park (Magaluf);
    • Western Park Magaluf (Palma de Mallorca);
    • Hidropark Alcudia water park (Alcudia);
    • Safari park (Cala Millor);
    • Nature Park private zoo (Palma de Mallorca).

    Holidays, events, festivals

    Spanish holidays — a real extravaganza of colors and music, because the local population knows how to have fun and entertain guests. Tourists will definitely see this for themselves by visiting the holidays in Mallorca in July.

    1 & ndash; On July 2, the islanders celebrate Catholic holiday Mare de Deu de la Victoria. The main action takes place in Alcudia. At the beginning of the month, it is customary to organize feasts, drink and eat a lot, sing and dance. The peculiarity lies in the fact that it is customary to do this at sunset. The holiday lasts two days and ends with a solemn mass in the monastery of La Victoria, where the Spaniards bring gifts in the form of bouquets of daisies.

    July 16 — La Verge del Carme Sea Festivalwhen parades of boats and processions of decorated ships are organized for local residents and guests of Mallorca. La Verge del Carme is celebrated in all port cities of the island. During the day there are entertainment events, and in the evenings, fireworks are lit over the sea.

    July 20 in the local — another religious holiday, Saint Margalis Day. In many cities of Mallorca, you can see festive processions, and in Felantich on this day there is a festival of folk dances. The next day in the city of Valldemossa at seven o'clock in the evening begins a procession and a parade of carriages decorated with ribbons in honor of Blessed Catalina Thomas.

    Rest prices in July

    Holidays in Spain cannot be called budgetary even in winter, what can we say about the peak of the tourist season. In the middle of summer, you won’t be able to save on holidays, since prices in Mallorca in July are the highest of the year.

    Price of tours

    Tours to Mallorca become more expensive every summer month. In July, vacationers pay 8% more for a tour than in June. In August, travel agencies increase the cost of their services by another 4–5%.


    Midsummer — the most expensive period for airlines. Passengers who fly to Palma in July pay 19% more than holidaymakers who have a June holiday. In August, flights are cheaper by 10% compared to July prices.


    In July, the cost of living increases by 11% compared to June prices. In August, guests pay 1% less than a month earlier. Thus, the average cost of living at the beginning of summer is 200 euros per day, in the second month of summer it rises to 223 euros, and by the end of the hot season it drops to 200 & ndash; 220 euros.

    It is worth paying attention to the fact that hotel rooms should be booked in advance. Europeans are very fond of relaxing in Mallorca, who plan their holidays long before the start of summer. Therefore, by July there may no longer be vacant places in the hotels of the island.

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    Food and transfer

    Majorca in July: Spanish holidays with the scent of the sea

    Spanish Cuisine — it is primarily seafood. You will not find fresher fish, shellfish and other representatives of the marine fauna than on the island, so be sure to visit the local cafes. For a complex lunch in a middle-class establishment, visitors pay about 15-20 euros (per person, drinks are not included in the price). As for fashionable restaurants, here such a meal costs at least 50 euros.

    Public transport is represented by ordinary buses and extraordinary trains — modern and antique decorated, which brings passengers to the coast. The price of a bus ticket depends on the distance. In general, the fare is between 3 and 9 euros. In the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca, there is also a metro.

    There are also taxi services in Mallorca. Drivers charge 4 euros for landing and 1.5 euros for each kilometer.

    How to dress in Mallorca

    In July, a hot sunny summer reigns in Mallorca, so you can leave warm clothes at home. Put one or two long-sleeved sweaters in your suitcase just in case, but most likely you will not have the opportunity to wear them while on vacation.

    Light T-shirts and T-shirts, dresses and sundresses, shorts and breeches — here's the basics of your island getaway wardrobe. Don't forget your beachwear and hats. Also, take a few pairs of shoes with you: flip flops for the beach, sandals for city walks, and closed shoes for long walks and nature sightseeing.

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    Recommendations for holidays with children

    July can be called a great time for families. The sea is well warmed up, the sun's rays give pleasant warmth, and the sky is clear and cloudless all month long, which means that kids can spend a lot of time both on the beaches and on educational excursions.

    The only caveat: it is better to come with babies at the beginning or middle of the month, since in the last decade of July the thermometer shows the maximum summer marks. In addition, be sure to follow safety rules: use sunscreen and do not go outside without a hat.

    For more on your midsummer getaway, check out Kid Passage's “Spain in July: How to Love the Siesta” article. We hope our helpful information will help you plan better vacation and avoid force majeure during your vacation.


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