Mass migration of Russians to Turkey is gaining momentum: there are problems with residence permits and accounts in Turkish banks for arrivals

Mass migration of Russians to Turkey is gaining momentum: problems with residence permits and accounts in Turkish banks for arrivals

In the light of the latest geopolitical upheaval, Russians have gone to Turkish soil en masse. At the same time, Ukrainians rushed to warmer climes. However, the conditions that are necessary for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey after February 24 have become unequal for Russians and Ukrainians. In this connection, as the author of the Yandex.Zen channel noted, our compatriots had problems with residence permits and accounts in Turkish banks.

In February this year, the conditions for the initial registration of a tourist residence permit became tougher: the document began to be issued for a period of 6 months with the presentation of an extract from a Turkish bank account, where you need to show an amount of at least 40 thousand lira (282 thousand rubles) for each family member.

Russians, who are now moving en masse to the Republic of Turkey, have been taken by surprise by the strict requirements and deadlines for issuing a residence permit. In addition, many of them faced difficulties in opening accounts and huge queues at local banks.

“Not all banks agree to open accounts for foreigners without a residence permit. Somewhere they also demand receipts for utilities in the name of the client, and even a deposit in different sizes … it happens that one branch of the bank refuses to open an account without a residence permit, and another branch of the same bank agrees, ”the Russian woman clarified.< /p>

According to her, Ziraat Katılım Bank opens accounts for foreigners without a residence permit in the resort town of Alanya. To do this, Russians only need to present a passport and a Turkish tax number.

As for Ukrainian citizens, until recently Turkey was not ready to accept Ukrainian refugees, and now it has decided to meet halfway and give relief to those who want to apply for a tourist residence permit. For Ukrainians, primary tourist residence permits are issued by Turkish authorities for up to 2 years without presenting financial documents.

However, Russian and Ukrainian tourists in Turkey have something in common. This is the housing shortage they are facing due to the sudden influx of foreigners. Apartments that meet the criteria for obtaining a residence permit were dismantled at the end of February, so at present in Turkey the demand for inexpensive real estate for long-term rent significantly exceeds the supply, the author noted.

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