Mass protests began in Phuket: the authorities called for capitulation

Mass protests began in Phuket: the authorities called for capitulation

Massive and at the same time constant protests were promised by the owners of bars in Phuket to local authorities. The first one has already passed – hundreds of bar owners and their workers gathered outside the Patong Bay Hill Resort in Phuket with a protest rally. The reason is the recent extension of the official covid ban on the sale of alcohol after midnight, including in establishments. The protesters demand that restrictions be lifted, a return to normal life, and that the opening hours of the entertainment zone in Phuket and Pattaya be extended until 4 am.

The details are as follows: the protest followed the Friday announcement by the CCSA (Thai Operational Headquarters) of the extension the daily time limit for the sale of alcohol in the kingdom – but extended it by only an hour – from 23:00 to 0:00.

The meeting place was not chosen by chance – the Patong Bay Hill Resort received numerous complaints from locals – and probably competitors. The police, according to the complainants, do not respond to the fact that the resort's bars and entertainment centers are “frequent and noisy”, serving foreign and Thai parties well beyond the official closing time. As a result, the authorities reacted, the bars were closed – and some of the unemployed owners and employees became the “initiative core” of the protest group.

“The protest that took place yesterday was held to support and cheer the owner and staff of Patong Bay Hill Resort. “We are rooting for you”, “Everything will be fine, I believe in you,” their posters say,” such statements were released by local media.

The protesters also demand that bars and entertainment venues be allowed again open as “bars and entertainment venues” rather than as so-called “restaurants”. Since this provides them with an “additional headache” and expenses with documents, as well as the risk of violating the law. They vowed to keep protesting until the government eases restrictions and gives in to their demands.

Meanwhile, Europe continues to get rid of covid restrictions. In particular, Switzerland has lifted the latest entry restrictions – see the details at the link. The Asian “bastion”, which did not give up its positions for a long time, also “opened” – Hong Kong promised to facilitate the entry of non-residents. True, still with a seven-day quarantine.

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