Mass sale of travel agencies and hotels began in Russia: Russians are in a hurry to get rid of risky business

 Mass sale of travel agencies and hotels has begun in Russia: Russians are in a hurry to get rid of risky business

Travel agency at the price of the tour: amid a deep crisis in the sector, the number of travel agencies that went on sale in Russia in March this year increased by 89 percent compared to February. Such data was transmitted by Business-FM with reference to Avito statistics.

According to the information, in St. Petersburg, a travel agency can be bought for only 50 thousand rubles, in Moscow the purchase will cost more – 400 thousand. At the same time, prices for finished hotels in the regions range from 4 million to 185 million rubles.

What caused the massive sales?

Thus, an advertiser who placed an advertisement for the sale of a travel agency said that the main reason for the sale of a travel agency was the loss of a client base. The announcement stated that the company “lived” for a long time: it was founded in the early 2000s and specialized in selling tours to countries such as Egypt, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Now the “old” customers have stopped buying tours.

At the same time, according to the service, in the tourism market, the demand for companies and objects sometimes outstrips supply. Accordingly, firms and hotels put up for sale soon find new owners, despite the obvious risks. Recall that with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the tourism sector was included in the list of the most affected, which was partially supported by the state through tax breaks, credit holidays, zero VAT for hotels, etc.

Who buys a risky business?


Thus, Arthur Muradyan from Space Travel believes that those who buy agencies and hotels do not come from nowhere, they are also representatives of the tourism sector. Accordingly, some firms decide to get rid of the risky business and leave the market, while others see the new acquisition as an opportunity to expand the company.

Earlier, Turprom wrote that “Turkey has named the main problem with Russian tourists: it is proposed to pay for them by barter.

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