“Masters of hospitality” will bring to life a tourist route invented by a child

Organizers of the contest “Masters of Hospitality”, one of the projects of the presidential platform “Russia – Land of Opportunities”» together with the program “More than a trip” as part of the Childhood Marathon, we launched the “Children's Dream Tour” campaign, in which schoolchildren are invited to come up with a tourist route. The brightest and most interesting children's fantasy will come true.

Young travelers from all regions of Russia can develop a dream excursion tour – it should include a trip within their region or the federal district to which it belongs child's place of residence.

Children themselves will come up with what tourists will be able to see during the trip: for example, they will sail on a boat around the cities, visit the heroes of Russian fairy tales in ethno-complexes, or maybe visit different parts of the region, walking through amusement parks and circuses. You can talk about your tour in any creative way: make slides or draw a picture, tell about your trip in a letter, add photos or videos. There are no restrictions on the presentation of the author's children's tour.

“As part of the All-Russian Childhood Marathon, the team of Masters of Hospitality decided to launch an action in the theme of our competition. Usually children travel with their parents on routes chosen by adults. We decided to give the guys the opportunity to come up with their own unique tour, in which boys and girls can include their desire to visit interesting places in their region or federal district. We are waiting with interest for options for dream tours from young travelers, because children look at the world a little differently than adults. The program “More than a Journey” will help to realize the brightest idea of ​​a trip. Its author will go on a children's tour with one of his parents,” – said the head of the “Masters of Hospitality” contest Bogdan Kondratov.

“The action provides participants with a unique opportunity to show their creative talents and competencies, becoming the creators of new exciting tourist routes. At the same time, not only realize your dreams, but also offer real practical solutions for tourist routes. After all, it is often a dream that is the beginning for the brightest and most creative projects. The experience in creating such a “dream tour” will help the children look at travel from the inside – from the opposite side, unusual for a tourist. It is also a very useful experience that will help children take a fresh look at the region where they live, assess its tourist attractiveness and recreational opportunities. The guys will be able to find unusual locations, help in popularizing the most striking objects and even give new ideas that will help tour operators create modern routesin!”, – said the head of the program “More than a trip” Olga Yukanova.

Schoolchildren who are already 10 years old can become participants. Your work must be posted from May 19 to May 30 until 18:00 (Moscow time) on the VKontakte social network on a personal page or on the page of a parent or relative (the page must be open). In the post, you need to mark the pages of the VKontakte projects “Masters of Hospitality” and “More than a Journey”, add the hashtags #Children'sTourDreams #Masters of Hospitality #More ThanTravel #RussiaLand of Opportunities. The brightest and most interesting tour will be implemented. The winners will be selected by experts and organizers of the Masters of Hospitality competition and the More than a Journey program.


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