Meteorologists reported a wave of cold in the resorts of Egypt, promising an early summer

Meteorologists reported a wave of cold in the resorts of Egypt, promising an early summer

Tourists in Egypt have been warned of a “new wave of cold”. According to the warning issued by the Met Office, a new wave began this Monday, March 21, and will last for several days with a peak on Tuesday-Wednesday. However, by next week, tourists have already been promised a real summer – but this week they are waiting for several days of cooling.

“Cold weather will prevail today in Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, cold on the northern coasts, warm in northern Upper Egypt and South Sinai, with a warming trend in southern Upper Egypt. Light to moderate rain is expected in some places, which may spread overnight to areas south of Lower Egypt, Greater Cairo and northern Upper Egypt. The winds are also active in the areas of Greater Cairo, the northern coast and southern Sinai,” the tourists were warned.

According to the weather forecast, in Sharm el-Sheikh the temperature will gradually decrease during the week – now it is +25 in the resort, Friday is expected to be no higher than +21. However, summer will come from the beginning of next week – the temperature will rise again to +29 degrees and there will be sunny summer weather without strong winds.

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