MICE Most Influential People Ranking Winners Announced

On May 15, voting for the nominees for the “Most Influential People in MICE – 2021” rating ended. The list of 50 business and corporate events industry professionals is published on the website www.top50mice.ru in alphabetical order.

“The first rating, although, I'm sure, necessary and timely, is still a bit of a trial balloon. Without it, it was impossible to predict the behavior of nominees and voters,” Irina Mikhalkova, the rating organizer, comments on the project.

The winners of the MICE Most Influential People Announced

Already after the launch of the rating, it became obvious that next year it was necessary to provide not only public, but also expert voting. The first helps to increase the scope of the project, because one of its tasks is to make sure that as many people as possible learn about MICE as an industry. The second format is needed because we have many professionals in the industry who, although they are nominated, do not want or do not consider it correct to call for voting for themselves. So, like any project, the rating will evolve.”

In total, about a hundred applications were submitted, but some of the nominees were not allowed to vote until the voting stage by the MICE Jury Council. In the future, about 10,000 votes were cast for the finalists.

The most popular category was the MICE/Event Agency Representative category. Here the most applications were submitted, and in the future the most heated struggle took place. The nominees received 4,977 votes, of which Anna Oleheiko, MICE Director of IBC Corporate Travel, received 1,570 votes, and Natalia Toriashvili, General Director of the International Cultural Center named after. Sergei Diaghilev – 1677 votes.

Despite the fact that the rating assumes not the first – second – third place, but a list of fifty representatives of the industry, nevertheless, the organizers decided to additionally award those who received the most votes in each category. Commemorative steles at the annual MICE Excellence Rehab at Omega Rooftop on May 20 received:

  1. Bondarenko Ruslan, founder, TOP MODERATOR (representative of the media, industry organization or community)
  2. Voskanyants Natalia, founder of Good Vibes by NV (independent expert, producer, master of ceremonies
  3. Datsenko Artem, co-founder , CTO of the Structura family (technology provider, equipment supplier, contractor, service provider for MICE)
  4. Mark Kuznetsov, owner and CEO of the National Charter Company (Transport Operator Representative)
  5. Melina Olga, Head of the Center for the Development of Business Tourism (MICE), ANO Agency for Tourism and Business Communications of the Rostov Region (representative of the tourism office, congress bureau)
  6. Nabiullin Ramil, Head of Department, JSC “Bashneftegeofizika” (corporate customer)
  7. Shilova Maria, Head, DMC KAVKAZ (representative of DMC)
  8. Yankovenko Dmitry, General Director, Music media dome (representative of the accommodation facility, venues for events)
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    The winners of the MICE Most Influential People Announced

    The rating is organized with the support of NKB, RUEF, Russian Hospitality Awards, MITT, NAOM, Meet in Ural, Administrative Director magazine, MICE Kitchen.

    General media partner – BBT.News


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