Minister warns about hotels in Istanbul: soon there will be no places in them

The minister warned about hotels in Istanbul: they will soon be empty

Istanbul has “good expectations” for tourism in 2022. At the same time, tourists are warned that in May there will soon be no places left in the hotels of the “cultural capital” of Turkey. Such a statement was made by a high official, Nureddin Nebati, Minister of Treasury and Finance. With a separate point, he also hastened to reassure Russian tourists about the MIR cards.

“At the moment, the occupancy of hotels in Istanbul for May has already reached 92%. At the same time, in April it is only about 68%. That is, there will be no vacant rooms in Istanbul hotels in May,” the head of the treasury said. As for the markets that filled the hotels, it's mostly the Middle East – “Arabs and Saudis,” as Mr. Nebati defines it.

Such a buoyant start is encouraging: “Our expectations for tourism are very good. I believe we will exceed our target of 45 million tourists and $35 billion in tourism revenue. We see high demand, we see hotels that are already fully booked for 2-3 months,” the official said.

He also did not forget the Russian market in his speech, assuring that there were no problems with costs due to Russian tourists will not have VISA and Mastercard restrictions. “The MIR card is very well used in Turkey, Russian tourists will not have any problems with the MIR card. Now the level of use of MIR cards by enterprises in Turkey is about 15%, but banks are working to increase it,” Mr. Nebati assured.

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