Moscow airport schedule to be changed due to parade rehearsals

Rosaviatsia intends to limit the operation of several airports in Moscow in connection with the preparations for the air part of the Victory Parade.

The schedule of Moscow airports will be changed due to parade rehearsals

According to RIA Novosti, a temporary mode of restricting the use of airspace for 4 (reserve dates – 5, 6), 7 and 9 May.

Restrictions will affect the following airports:

  • Sheremetyevo – from 10:40 to 11:05;
  • Domodedovo, Ramenskoye and Ostafievo — from 10:55 to 11:20;
  • Vnukovo — from 10:50 to 11:15.

In addition , the changes will apply to Kaluga Grabtsevo Airport from 09:40 to 10:40.


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