Moscow without suburbs. Preobrazhenka

The Museum of Moscow launches an event program for the exhibition “Moscow Without Outskirts. Preobrazhenka”

«Moscow without suburbs. Preobrazhenka»

“Moscow without suburbs. Preobrazhenka

In May, the Museum of Moscow will launch an event program for the exhibition Moscow Without Outskirts . Transfiguration". The program will be opened by a discussion club about the industrial heritage and master classes from the tenants of the Elektrozavod.

Today, several former and existing large plants are located in Preobrazhensky. Working with industrial areas and buildings — it is a challenge for architects, developers and the urban community. The developer needs to make a fundamental decision about the preservation of the object and present this transformation to the citizens, the architect — take into account the architectural appearance of the building, its new functionality and current trends, and the local community — understand how the redevelopment will affect their interests. Discussion of various aspects of the re-profiling of the industrial heritage of Moscow and other cities of Russia will be devoted to the meetings of the discussion club, which will begin on May 19.


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