Named 13 mistakes that tourists must make in Spain

13 mistakes that tourists must make in Spain

The thirteen most common mistakes that tourists risk making in Spain have been listed by British media experts. In anticipation of the mass return of tourists to the country, they decided to remind the “mass consumer” in what cases he risks – at best, to be deeply disappointed; at worst, getting into trouble. It should be noted that most of these mistakes may well be made by Russian tourists.

  1. Trying to eat too early: most Spanish establishments, according to experts, do not open for lunch before 14:00 and for dinner before 20:00. Closed restaurants are a very likely sight. In tourist areas, this practice is less developed, but there are some troubles.
  2. Falling into tourist traps: This is exactly the mistake mentioned above – do not try to eat and drink in famous tourist places. The food will be almost twice as expensive and twice as bad in quality, and there is also the risk that the tourist will be tried to sell the “most expensive bottle of wine possible.”
  3. Order paella for dinner: the Spaniards consider this internationally famous food a dinner dish, and do not advise tourists to order it for dinner. For dinner, it is customary to consume lighter snacks.
  4. Thinking tapas is cheap food: and more about local specialties. Tapas – a set of snacks for wine many tourists consider tapas a cheap meal, but can be quite expensive, especially for two. A small plate usually costs between 4 and 10 euros, depending on where you are in Spain, and in fancy restaurants it can go up to 12-15 euros. At the same time, “a huge plate of jamon for two” is often not at all what a tourist wants.
  5. Order sangria: Another Spanish specialty, far from being as popular in Spain itself, is a “wine-based fruit mix”, as the experts write. Real Spaniards, they say, will order tinto de verano in the summer – wine mixed with a carbonated drink that looks like lemonade, or just wine on its own.
  6. Not to know that different regions have different languages: Spanish is not always spoken in Spain. The country has five official languages, including Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Galician and Aranese. And there are even more regional “subspecies”.
  7. Expecting to get by with English alone: ​​Another language mistake – many Spaniards working in tourism speak English – and not bad, but taking a step away from the tourist trails – especially in rural areas – you can not count on understanding. “Maybe try to learn some basic Spanish to help yourself?” experts advise.
  8. Walking without a shirt: in the UK and Australia, it is normal to take off your shirt in the heat – experts say – you can even walk like this in public parks and supermarkets. But not in Spain. “You can only go shirtless to the beach, and in some places it is illegal,” experts say. Moreover, in the best case, a tourist will not be allowed into the store – in some places they can be fined for a “beach” view.
  9. Don't buy tickets in advance: Spain is at the top of the travel charts, and the inevitable consequence of this is that popular attractions are “incredibly busy” and can be fully booked for days – if not weeks. “You should definitely buy tickets in advance for attractions like the Alhambra in Granada and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona,” experts advise.
  10. Shopping after dinner: the siesta in Spain is another undeniable fact of reality and shopping most places in Spain close between 14:00 and 17:00. True shopping centers in big cities and souvenir shops are usually ready to lure tourists at any time.
  11. Do business on Sunday: “Do not try to send cards to loved ones, change money or do something like that on this day,” experts advise. This is a public holiday on which everything closes, from shops and supermarkets to banks and post offices. But attractions and museums, as a rule, remain open.
  12. Tipping: In contrast to countries like the US, waiters in Spain are paid a salary, so there is no need to leave 15-20% tips in addition to food, ”experts say. For exceptionally good work, they say, you can tip 10%, but otherwise “it's perfectly acceptable to just leave change.”
  13. Being careless with your belongings: pickpocketing in Spain's most popular cities, including Barcelona , Madrid and Seville, alas, flourishes. “Don't make the mistake of putting your phone in your back pocket or leaving your camera on the table while you eat, as you'll find they won't last long,” experts say.

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