Named 20 countries that will suffer the most from the loss of Russian tourists due to sanctions imposed by the West on airlines

20 countries named that will suffer the most from the loss of Russian tourists due to for sanctions imposed by the West on airlines

Turkey will be in first place among the countries most affected by the imposition of air sanctions against Russia. These figures were presented by the Spanish company Mabrian Technologies, which specializes in the field of data analysis of the tourism industry. Experts presented 25 countries for whose tourism industry the closure of flights from Russia will be especially hard – these are the countries most dependent on tourism.

According to the analysts, the data is based on capacity and the number of booked seats on scheduled flights from Russia to over the next six months – i.e. from 24 February to 24 August. Experts assessed what the volume of flights was before the decision on the economic embargo was made by Western countries.

Turkey came first. This is followed by Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates and Tajikistan. Greece and other Europeans will also suffer – and this despite the fact that flights to Europe have not fully resumed after the coronavirus.

According to data voiced by Mabrian Technologies, 25 countries dependent on the Russian market look like as follows:

  1. Turkey
  2. Ukraine
  3. Uzbekistan
  4. UAE
  5. Tajikistan
  6. Armenia
  7. Germany
  8. Kyrgyzstan
  9. Libya
  10. Azerbaijan
  11. Greece
  12. Egypt
  13. Kazakhstan
  14. Cyprus
  15. Moldova
  16. Italy
  17. Hungary
  18. USA
  19. France
  20. Netherlands
  21. United Kingdom
  22. Bulgaria
  23. Spain
  24. Indonesia
  25. Czech Republic

By the way, it is worth adding that not all of these countries adhere to the policy of “closed skies” for Russia – the same Turkey and the UAE seek to keep transportation to Russia. Recall that at the moment, according to statistics, foreign flights to and from Russia have been retained by six Russian airlines, and almost thirty more foreign ones. About 20 countries are still open for tourists directly and even more with transfers.

At the moment, according to experts, Russia maintains air links and access to twenty countries. 29 airlines fly to Russia from the following countries:

  1. Algeria,
  2. Armenia,
  3. Bahrain,
  4. Belarus,
  5. Venezuela,
  6. Israel,
  7. India,
  8. Iraq,
  9. Iran,
  10. Kazakhstan,
  11. Qatar,
  12. Kyrgyzstan,
  13. Mongolia,
  14. UAE,
  15. Serbia,
  16. Syria,
  17. Tajikistan,
  18. < li>Turkmenistan,

  19. Turkey
  20. Uzbekistan.

For more details about the “pass” routes and other rules – read the link.

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