Named 5 countries that guarantee that Russian planes will not be arrested there

Five countries have been named that guarantee that Russian planes will not be arrested there

Five countries where Russian planes will not be arrested due to air sanctions, the Federal Air Transport Agency designated (Rosaviatsiya). It should be noted that the popular Egypt and Turkey were not included in this list.

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According to the statement of the Federal Air Transport Agency, the authorities of the following countries have currently given Russia guarantees that the planes will not be delayed:< /p>

  1. Cuba,
  2. Sri Lanka,
  3. Argentina,
  4. Venezuela
  5. Kyrgyzstan

The list is not final – it began with two countries, Kyrgyzstan and Sri Lanka, that gave such guarantees, and subsequently expanded. “According to the Russian embassies in foreign countries, there are no such risks as the detention of Russian aircraft flying to Venezuela, Cuba and Argentina, the termination of their flights or the cancellation of insurance policies,” said Vladimir Poteshkin, director of Rosaviatsia.

In turn, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation reported that at present the need of Russians for flights is “satisfied”. The agency also stated that 27.5 billion rubles were allocated. to increase the number of trips within Russia.

In total, 6 Russian airlines operate 250 flights per week to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, the United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. According to the Ministry of Transport, only flights on 147 Sukhoi Russian-made aircraft are not under the threat of detention. Superjet 100. Other flights are at risk.

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