Named 5 rules for the violation of which tourists are immediately expelled from the cruise ship

5 rules named, breaking which tourists will be immediately kicked out of a cruise ship

Traveling on a cruise ship can quickly turn into a nightmare if a tourist is kicked out from the ship until the end of the holiday, and in some cases it may not even begin. In addition to the obvious rules about not using violence or bringing illegal substances on board, cruise expert and travel writer Erica Silverstein has revealed five rules that will get passengers off the ship if they break them.

Issues with documents

Forgotten passport or absence of a visa for one of the destinations, when it comes to a trip that calls at the ports of different countries, can lead to the fact that the traveler will not be allowed to board or drop off halfway.

“In some cases, the ship can get a collective visa, then you do not need to get an individual one. Otherwise, you are responsible for ensuring that your documents are in order. If you break the rule, the staff will show you the door,” assured the expert.


No one ever wants to get sick on vacation, but if the case is serious , the tourist will have to get off the ship and finish their journey. Disembarkation does not apply to standard situations where passengers get motion sickness or stomach problems. We are talking about dangerous and life-threatening diseases, such as a heart attack or stroke.


If signs of an infectious disease appear on board the ship, the doctor may order the passenger to remain in his cabin for a certain time so as not to infect anyone. Over the past almost three years, there have been many cases of tourists re-infecting each other with the coronavirus.

If a tourist decides to break the ban and take a walk, the crew has the right to land the violator on the ground: “If you violate the quarantine and you and your microbes are caught while moving around the ship, you can be dropped off if the captain and crew consider that you are at risk others.”

Violation of public order

A vivid example is the uncontrolled use of alcohol, which is often accompanied by violent behavior of tourists. Hooliganism is not allowed on board a cruise ship and any offenders will be dealt with by security personnel.

The rule doesn't just apply to drunk people. Adults, teenagers and children must follow the code of conduct on the ship.

The manifestation of rudeness towards the staff

Rude attitude towards the staff is unacceptable, so any insult can cost the tourist dearly and the captain of the ship will play an important role in this. “The captain is in charge on the ship, the onboard world is not a democracy. The captain has reason to make tough decisions about passengers who behave inappropriately towards employees.

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