Named the date when Thailand will officially cancel covid and all its restrictions

Date announced when Thailand will officially lift covid and all its restrictions

Thailand is “on track” to officially declare Covid-19 endemic, not a pandemic – this time, according to the Ministry of Health, this should happen by July 1, at which time all remaining restrictions will be lifted.

For now, Thailand is waiting for the consequences after the Songkran festival. Dr. Chakkarat Pitayowonganon of the Department of Disease Control told local media that it would take 2 to 4 weeks to determine if the number of cases exceeds 100,000 per day. This, however, is the worst-case scenario; in reality, the incidence tends to decrease. “Right now, we are seeing a decline in the number of daily infections from about 30 thousand a day before the Songkran festival to just 16,000 thousand a day,” the expert noted.

He also noted that in general he does not experience serious Of concern, he said, most of the holiday attendees are working people, “who usually do not develop severe symptoms.” He obviously refers tourists to the same category.

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