Named the most popular resorts of Crimea for the summer of 2022, and how much they have risen in price

The most popular Crimean resorts for the summer of 2022 have been named, and how much they have risen in price

The closed airport of Simferopol and the current the situation in Ukraine affected the demand for holidays in the Crimea “in the red.” In addition, housing prices on the peninsula rose by an average of 22% – such an assessment was presented by experts from the Russian housing booking service At the same time, Yalta remains the most expensive resort, but at the same time the leader in demand.

In general, the figures are as follows: the demand for holidays in Crimea, compared to last year, decreased by 35%. At the same time, vacation prices have risen by 22% by 2021. On average, tourists will spend about 37.5 thousand rubles per week in Crimea this year, based on a family of three.

Crimea remains mostly a family resort, they add. 43% of tourists will come to the resort with their families. Another 26% falls on couples – and 15% on “incomplete families” – mainly mothers and grandmothers with children.

Tourists prefer accommodation mainly in hotels and guest houses – they account for 65%. Only 24% choose apartments.

Top-10 in terms of prices and terms of stay for tourists, according to, is as follows:

  1. Yalta — 4358 ₽/9 nights
  2. Evpatoria — 3557 ₽/11 nights
  3. Feodosiya — 3249 ₽/10 nights
  4. Alushta — 3633 ₽/10 nights
  5. Sevastopol — 3634 ₽/8 nights< /li>
  6. Sudak — 3271 ₽/9 nights
  7. Alupka — 3395 ₽/10 nights
  8. Saki — 3183 ₽/11 nights
  9. Nikolaevka — 2816 ₽/12 nights
  10. Chernomorskoe — 2835 ₽/9 nights

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