New flights from St. Petersburg to Antalya start: date and prices announced

New flights from St. Petersburg to Antalya begin: date and prices announced

The launch of the summer tourist season for Russian travelers from April 1 was announced the main Turkish airline Turkish Airlines, having published the schedule of new flights from St. Petersburg to the resort of Antalya. According to Turkish media, flights will be daily.

  • Flight 1234 to Antalya. Departure from St. Petersburg Pulkovo airport at 11:45, arrival in Antalya at 15:55. Travel time will be 4 hours 10 minutes.
  • Flight 1233 from Antalya. Departure at 06:30, arrival in St. Petersburg is scheduled for 10:45. Travel time will be 5 hours 15 minutes.

Tickets for flights from the northern capital to Antalya are already on sale. The cost of a plane ticket in economy class will be from 350 euros, i.е. 40 thousand rubles, and in business class – from 1,288 euros, i.e. 147 thousand rubles.

Under the sanctions, Turkish Airlines continues to carry tourists from St. Petersburg to Istanbul. Departures are carried out twice a day. Only 14 flights per week. Prices for air tickets in April start from 350 euros (40 thousand rubles) per passenger one way.

As a reminder, since Visa and Mastercard stopped servicing cards of Russian banks from March 10, cards issued in Russia no longer work abroad and are not accepted for payment in foreign online stores. Due to technical problems with paying with cards of Russian banks, tickets can be purchased at the official offices of the Turkish carrier, ticket agencies, tour operators and travel agencies.

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