New low-cost air bridge abroad: Aeroflot starts flying to another popular far-abroad country at low prices

New inexpensive air bridge abroad: Aeroflot starts flying as early as one popular far-abroad country at low prices

The Russian national carrier Aeroflot is regaining another foreign destination: from May 5, the air carrier is restoring flights to such a popular country among Russians as India. True, not yet in the resorts of Goa, but only in Delhi, the capital of the country.

According to the carrier, flights will be operated twice a week. At the same time, the demand turned out to be rush – there were less than five tickets left for the first flight at an astronomical price. As early as Wednesday, tour operators announced a “more than attractive inexpensive price” of 17.5 thousand rubles one way. However, according to the air carrier's website, there are no more than 5 seats left for the flight on May 5, and prices go off scale for 80 thousand rubles one way. The next flight – on Sunday, May 8, is offered for more than 26 thousand. But then the cost of tickets really gets cheaper.

By the end of May – June, prices are still stable. Depending on the date of departure, air tickets will cost the tourist from 17 to 19.5 thousand rubles.

Recall that Aeroflot also resumes flights to other destinations – to Turkey and the Maldives. Tomorrow, from May 6, the carrier will open flights to Turkey – both to Antalya and Istanbul. There are already no tickets for the first economy flights; on May 8, the price of a one-way economy ticket to Istanbul is approaching 40,000 rubles; to Antalya – cheaper – about 27 thousand rubles. For details on flights and departures, please follow this link.

Aeroflot will start in the Maldives on May 13th. Prices at the moment – from 54 thousand one way on the first flights, and there are also almost no seats left. Read the details on the programs here.

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