Nordic countries resume issuing tourist visas to Russians

Nordic countries resumed issuing tourist visas to Russians

The sky of Europe is closed for Russian tourists, but the borders continue to open. Today, two Scandinavian countries officially confirmed the admission of domestic tourists and the resumption of the acceptance of documents for all types of visas, including tourist ones. We are talking about Denmark and Sweden.

The news about the resumption of the acceptance of documents for visas was published by the website of the visa operator of the countries – VFS Global. According to it, you can apply for all types of visas, including tourist ones. “Covid” restrictions are officially lifted.

It is reported that you can apply for a visa to Denmark at the visa centers of the operator VFS Global in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as in 14 other cities of Russia, as well as in Almaty and Minsk. At the same time, the fact that there are no restrictions on obtaining visas, including tourist ones, for Russian tourists was officially announced at the country's embassy. The time for consideration of documents for a visa for the purpose of tourism is 10 days for Russia and 15 for Belarus and Kazakhstan. The embassy also reminded tourists that Russian Visa and MasterCard cards are not valid in the country and advised them to purchase foreign currency before traveling in cash.

As for Sweden, VFS Global Visa Application Centers in Russia have resumed accepting documents for visas to Sweden in Moscow and 18 cities. At the same time, tourists were warned about the high demand for visas “since many people want to travel” and were advised to apply in advance. “The number of records available for applying for a Russian visa will be limited,” they warned. At the same time, the earliest deadline for submitting documents is possible 6 months before the trip. Another problem reported by the country's embassy is that part of the Visa Facilitation Agreement between the EU and Russia has been suspended from February 28, 2022. This will lead to the fact that the consular fee will rise in price to 80 euros (from 35).

Note that the rest of the Scandinavian countries are not yet ready to let our tourists in. Norway and Iceland, although they removed the “covid” restrictions, do not issue visas to our tourists. As for Finland, it is still closed and “for covid” – restrictions have been extended until May 8, only those who enter for “good reasons” are allowed in.

At the same time, travel market experts reminded that the European sky is still closed for our tourists. For those who really want to get to Scandinavia, they are advised to use flights via Turkey or the UAE.

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