Ominous forecast: Turkey's tourism shudders in anticipation of a global military conflict

Ominous forecast: Turkish tourism shudders in anticipation of a global military conflict

The “fault line” will not stop at the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which has significantly collapsed Turkey's main tourist flows. Local experts also evaluate conflicts that are more geographically distant, justifiably fearing that the “redistribution of the world order” will turn out to be a significantly worse test for Turkey’s tourism than a pandemic. In particular, we are talking about problems in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region, where the United States and China are preparing to collide. At the very least, Turkish experts assess the situation with great concern: if the most ominous forecast turns out to be real, then Turkish tourism will shudder due to the almost complete loss of foreign tourists – people will simply be afraid to travel anywhere.

“If there is peace, there is tourism. But now the genie is out of the bottle,” Turkish tourism media experts say. Turkey's two main tourist flows – Russian and Ukrainian – have already collapsed, but this is not the latest point of tension that promises to bring down the foundations of Turkish tourism. The problem is that the Asia-Pacific region can “boil” at any moment, and then tourism around the world will not find it small – this is how Turkey assesses the situation with the signing of a security agreement by China with the Solomon Islands, including the deployment of troops China in these islands. The “freshly baked” alliance of the US, Japan, Australia and a number of other countries said that this is a “red line”, the crossing of which “will create a threat to security in the Pacific Ocean.” NATO has also declared China a threat. At the same time, Turkish experts add that the alliance has signed an agreement with Australia to establish a nuclear submarine base worth $7.4 billion.

“While the US and the UK are recklessly intervening in all regions of the world, there are statements from China and Russia that the unipolar world order must end. The US and NATO are trying to convince the world that China's deployment of troops in the Solomon Islands poses a security threat to Australia, located 2,000 kilometers away, while Ukraine's accession to NATO does not pose a threat to the security of its border neighbor Russia,” the Turks say directly. But their conclusions are rather sad: “Everything indicates that the ruling classes of the world are preparing for a new war. The biggest problem in a situation where states are increasingly turning into corporations and companies are being nationalized is that there is no power to prevent this madness. At the same time, they note, Turkey – which, from their point of view, “keeps its neutrality”, despite the fact that in reality the country “under the guise” also began military operations against the Kurds – will soon “have to decide.” In the meantime, from their point of view, the country is making “a lot of efforts for a diplomatic solution.”

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