Online conference Travel business opens borders: development technologies in a protracted crisis period

In 2020, the tourism industry faced a seemingly fatal problem – a complete disruption of seasonal programs and the closure of foreign destinations for an indefinite period. However, in 2021, the industry not only managed to adapt, but also increased momentum in accessible areas. And here is another challenge – despite the opening and facilitation of entry conditions to many countries, many questions arise: from the ability of transport and technological infrastructure to cope with the current volume of tourist flow to pricing and security, which have a serious impact on stable demand.

June 21 and 22 in the format of an online conference TITW Online 2022 we will raise the most relevant topics and attract experts from various areas of the travel industry to give a comprehensive assessment the current situation and offer optimal solutions for restructuring the tourism business to new realities.

Among the speakers:

  • Daria Kochetkova, General Director of< /li>
  • Victoria Kizimova, General Director of My Agent
  • Valentin Miklyaev, General Director of Bnovo
  • Dmitry Bogdanov, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Hoteliers AMOS, Co-Chairman of the Health Committee. Russian Union of Travel Industry
  • Ksenia Naumova, Development Director of
  • Artur Privin, Founder of Madison Consult
  • Konstantin Nestenerko, Head of Product Marketing at MixVel< /li>
  • Pavel Vasin, Executive Director of the Union of Business Travel Agencies
  • Vera Adamaniuk, CEO of Cbooking
  • And other experts

Tourism business online conference opens borders: development technologies in a protracted crisis period

Concept of the conference: The tourism industry is opening up borders. We will discuss which areas and technologies allow you to quickly rebuild your business not only to maintain, but also strengthen your position in the market.

What issues will we discuss?

  • Payments abroad and on the Internet: new technologies in a new world.
  • What changes have occurred in aviation, and what countermeasures have been taken by Russian services to minimize the risks of agents.
  • Tourism in the South of Russia: What's wrong with the efficiency of the industry and the majority of market participants?!
  • E-Tour: Reloaded. What can the market expect?
  • Tourist business and hoteliers: VAT abolition, flat commissions and pricing restrictions. How is the relationship being formed in the current situation?
  • Excursion services and platforms for their implementation
  • Support measures for the tourism industry: what can agencies use?
  • Legal nuances: from a hotelier to agent.
  • Paying for technology – approaches of consolidators and technology services to providing content distribution channels.

Online conference Tourist business opens borders: development technologies in a protracted crisis period


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