Over the delivery of Russian tourists to resorts on Superjet looms the threat

Superjet delivery of Russian tourists to resorts is under threat

Russian-made liners may also suffer due to air sanctions. At least, IrAero announced problems with the repair of Superjet engines.

According to the carrier's statement published by RBC, the engines were produced by the Franco-Russian company PowerJet, and the airlines operating the liner warned about the risks of suspending flights due to for Western sanctions.

According to the publication, IrAero CEO Yuri Lapin warned Irkutsk Region Governor Igor Kobzev that airlines operating Superjets would not be able to repair and maintain the technical suitability of Russian-French SaM146 engines. Moreover, they promise to “stop the park” “in the short term.” The publication assures that three more carriers have confirmed the same problem.

Moreover, one of them, according to RBC, noted that if the technical support of the engines does not improve, it will be necessary to stop the transportation of passengers on these aircraft in the fall of 2022. At the same time, the following solutions are outlined: the head of IrAero asked the governor to “transfer all powers to repair engines and ship spare parts for them to the United Engine Corporation (UEC; part of the Rostec state corporation”). The Ministry of Industry and Trade told RBC that the company is “doing everything necessary to provide technical support, repairs, supplies of spare parts and services for all engines that it produces.”

Note that it is on Superjets that the program was announced Rossiya Airlines from Sochi abroad. In addition, the aforementioned IrAero announced the start of flights from Domodedovo to Tel Aviv from April 18. “The flight time will be 7 hours and 20 minutes, taking into account the technical stop in Mineralnye Vody,” the carrier says, without specifying the type of aircraft. But most likely it is also a “Superjet”.

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